Best HRIS Software for Retail Businesses

Finding the top retail business HRIS software solution based on HRIS system ratings and HR software reviews by other retail businesses.

Best HRIS Software for Retail Businesses

Retail businesses are an entity all their own, with many challenges and intricacies distinctive to the industry. Since most employees interact directly with customers, turnover and other human resources challenges can be particularly damaging to retail businesses. Implementing HR software may be very helpful in mitigating many of the common issues that retail businesses face.

Improves Hiring Processes

Using HR software for recruitment can help to improve hiring processes and potentially the quality of hire. By filtering applications and selecting the employees that will fit best based on skills and predefined keywords, managers or HR professionals will save time on application sorting. Suggested interview techniques and hiring steps that are included with HR software may help to simplify processes and record results.

By following along with recommended hiring steps or even customizing the steps to better match needs, hiring processes can be made more consistent and trackable. Having records of every step in the hiring process for each applicant can help to protect retail businesses in the event that an applicant claims the company engages in unfair hiring practices.

Addresses Seasonal Demands

Retail businesses are notorious for having the bulk of their commerce take place during certain times of year. The most common example of this is Christmas sales, but costume stores may ramp up business during the fall and surf shops may see more traffic during the summer.

Whatever a retail company’s seasonal needs, HR software can assist by forecasting labor requirements based on previous years and making the hiring and onboarding processes easier. If some of the temporary employees are good, HR software can also assist with keeping those employee profiles on file so that they can easily be called back when seasonal needs dictate.

Can Increase Employee Satisfaction

HR software can help to increase employee satisfaction in many ways. Employee surveys can be administered and the results can be tracked so that employees’ voices are heard when changes need to be made. HR software can also be used for recognition and rewards that will make employees feel appreciated.

Being able to access their own information and request time off using self service portals available with most HR software can make employees feel empowered and valued. Reducing the amount of time that it takes to submit requests, receive schedules, view payroll information, and perform other tasks may also mitigate some frustrations and improve overall employee satisfaction.

Impacts Company Culture and Communication

When there are messaging and social options available with HR software, retail employees can better communicate with one another. Allowing employees to ask one another questions about training, schedules, and other work related issues using a convenient medium like social HR or messaging can help to bring the team together and boost the company culture.

May Provide Data for Strategic Decision Making

Analytics functionality makes it possible to cross reference data from different areas of HR and sometimes even financial information. These options can help managers and employers to spot patterns that can be useful in decision making and planning. Many HR software solutions even provide data in real-time, so decisions that will drive revenues can be made instantly.

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