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What is HRIS?

We define HRIS (Human Resource Information Systems), explain how these HRIS systems work, and why HRIS software is used by many businesses.Continue Reading
HRIS (Human Resource Information Systems)
hris reporting features

HRIS Software With The Best Reporting Features

Your human resource information (HRIS) is in place to manage HR tasks within your organization. These tasks could include maintaining HR procedures, processing employee information, or standardizing HR tasks. An important feature of any HRIS software is reporting ...

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HRIS checklist

HRIS Essentials Checklist

What is HRIS? It’s a Human Resources Information System: a system to help Human Resources departments automate their processes, making routine work more manageable. HRIS includes creating reports, scheduling meetings and events, calculating vacation and sick leave, ...

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Pain Points

6 Pain Points of HRIS Software

Human Resources departments ensure that everyone at the company experiences a pleasant, professional, and productive environment in the workplace. But HR departments also deserve the same. But who runs HR for the HR department? That’s where HRIS software comes ...

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HRIS software reporting features

Must-Have Reporting Features of an HRIS

HRIS reporting is a vital part of a successful Human Resources department. The right HRIS can make all the difference for a company and the employees’ job satisfaction. But, to make sure that you’re getting the right HRIS reporting tools, you should know a few ...

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HRIS software cloud computing

Best Cloud-Based HRIS Software

HR software helps companies complete essential tasks, such as payroll, onboarding, and performance tracking. If you require an HR system, two primary options are available — an on-site application or a web-based HRIS system. Both kinds of systems can benefit your ...

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HRIS software automation

Best HRIS Software for Automation and Custom Workflows

Custom HR solutions provide the benefits of automated HR systems with the ability to be customized for the specific needs of your business. If you’re wondering how your business can benefit from an automated HR system, our list of the top-rated custom HR software can ...

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HRIS software remote work

HRIS Software Transition Plan for Hybrid and Remote Workplace

Recent trends have led many companies to switch to a hybrid or remote workplace. If you’re looking to transition to one of these workplaces, it can be challenging to know where to start with HRIS implementation. What considerations should be made? What kind of ...

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All-in-One HRIS software system

Should You Continue Using Separate Systems or Get an All-in-One HRIS?

HR software has become increasingly necessary for businesses to grow and meet their full potential. Just as it’s important to choose the right HR software, it’s also essential to decide what you want your software to do. If you already have HR software in place, then ...

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