Best HRIS Software for Charities

Finding the top charity HRIS software solution based on HRIS system ratings and HR software reviews by other charities.

Best HRIS Software for Charities

Running a charity requires clear goals, commitment to a vision, and hard work. It also requires a lot of assistance from others. When your volunteers and staff are able to work together well, your ideals can become a reality and you can do more good for your cause.

Since charities strive to put as much revenue as possible towards charitable causes, it can seem counter-intuitive to invest in something like HR software. However, HR software can help save money in several ways. Optimizing recruitment, avoiding penalties by ensuring compliance with laws, and keeping staff and volunteers’ schedules organized are just a few benefits.

Allows Staff to Focus on the Visions

Staff members at a charity are generally responsible for taking care of many different tasks. One manager may be in charge of arranging events, setting up displays, and recruiting staff and volunteers to make things happen. Putting HR software in place can keep availability straight, track hours, automate payroll, and make scheduling easy so that the manager is able to focus on making the event or display a success.

Helps to Ensure Safety

Even if workers are volunteering, it’s imperative for organizations to know who their workers are and where they are operating. HR software can assist with background checks and other types of screening. HR software can also help with scheduling and organizing worker efforts so that there is always a record of where each person is working and what tasks they’re responsible for.

Simplifies Audits

Every organization could use improvement. Reporting and analytics can help charities pinpoint areas that could be improved, identifying patterns and then tracking changes in key performance indicators as alterations to processes are made. Reporting functionality allows date-driven decision making in a way that manual tracking cannot.

Displays Professionalism

Charities are becoming better organized and more widespread. While this is a positive shift that can catalyze many important changes, it also puts pressure on existing charities to be as professional and attractive as possible for potential donors.

Having HR software in place keeps the whole operation more organized and allows charities to focus on recruiting top talent. This elevates the professionalism of the organization, making it more attractive to talented volunteers and staff, but also to the donors and clients that see the high level of professionalism. While HR software isn’t a quick fix, it is a tool that can assist with raising the bar.

Selecting HR Software for a Charity

Not all HR software is suitable for charities. Most HR software is geared towards companies that operate for profit and only employ staff members, which will not fit the structure of most charities. It’s important to find HR software that was made with charities in mind.

We would be happy to assist you in finding the perfect software for your charitable organization. Our services are free, so you won’t have to redirect a single dime from your causes. Visit this page to learn more about how we match you with your perfect HR software.

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