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Author: Dave Rietsema - Matchr CEO

The manufacturing industry is reliant on great workers to assist with building just about every product that we use in our daily lives. Manufacturing companies are responsible for crafting everything from airplanes to cell phones to drinking glasses. Unfortunately, several factors have contributed to declines in the manufacturing workforce and many companies have been left scrambling to find competent workers.

While there are a variety of reasons behind the shortage of manufacturing workers, applicant tracking system (ATS) software can help manufacturing companies overcome the issues and prevent staffing shortages. The following are a few ways that ATS software can help mitigate the complications that manufacturing companies are facing.

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There is a stigma around the manufacturing industry, specifically in the way that people view factory work. The work is often thought of as repetitive, mindless, and even dangerous. The landscape of the manufacturing industry has changed dramatically with changes in technology, however, so much of today’s factory work doesn’t resemble the assembly lines and machines of old.

To break through this stigma, companies should advertise position openings in creative ways. Give potential applicants a more realistic view of a day on the job by posting videos or employee testimonials on careers pages. Be transparent about what the job entails so that candidates don’t hold onto outdated views of what their daily tasks will look like.

Skills Assessment and Basic Training

The speed with which manufacturing practices have changed and are continuing to change has made it imperative for workers within the field to receive training updates regularly. As such, it’s unwise for employers in the industry to look for workers with specific skills. Instead, testing candidates’ overall ability to solve problems and adapt to situations may be more indicative of their success in the position.

ATS software can be used to screen candidates and reveal their competency in relevant areas. ATS software can also be linked to basic training modules that will help prepare new employees for specific job tasks.

Retention and Succession Planning

A worry that keeps some workers away from the manufacturing industry stems from factory shutdowns and downsizing throughout the past few decades. Many workers that were loyal to companies for years lost their jobs as automation took over or locations closed.

To counter this perception, companies can develop detailed succession plans and retention strategies that help to assuage worker concerns about job security. By showing factory floor workers a potential career path and providing incentives for staying in position, companies can encourage workers to stay and grow with the company.

Onboarding and Orientation

Productivity is extremely important for manufacturing companies, so it makes sense to get workers into actionable positions as soon as possible. ATS software can help with onboarding and orientation so that workers come onto the floor ready to work and knowledgeable about what will be expected.

Streamlining the hiring, onboarding, and training processes using modern software will help manufacturing companies find smart and capable workers. Moving through a highly automated and efficient recruitment process will be comfortable for candidates and may help to improve perceptions of the industry as a whole.

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