Applicant Tracking System Software for Retail Businesses

Finding the best retail business applicant tracking systems based on ATS software ratings and HR software reviews by other retail businesses.

Applicant Tracking System Software for Retail Businesses

Retail businesses come in all shapes and sizes and pedal many different types of wares. Despite the differences, however, retail companies have one important thing in common: the employees make the business. No matter what type of retail company you operate, hiring great employees will help you pump more dollars to your bottom line while minimizing your losses.

Applicant tracking system (ATS) software can help retail businesses to attract and hire employees that will aid business growth and actually stay with the company. By selecting the right ATS software solution, retail companies may find a strategic hiring advantage that can assist with operations and prosperity in many ways.

Screening for Personality

Hiring for personality is especially important in the retail industry. Most retail employees directly interact with customers, so hiring an employee with an outgoing and optimistic disposition can help you to sell more products and garner customer loyalty.

ATS software can be used to customize applications and screen tests that will allow applicants’ personalities to shine through. Score cards may also be available that can help you to rate candidates’ personalities using a suggested rating system for simplification.

Organizing Employee Referrals

Employee referrals are a valuable tool that can help you to find some of your best employees, while also retaining the employees that you have. Using an ATS to organize employee referrals and rewards provides an incentive for your employees to recommend their friends and family for the job. You can also use the catalogue of information to see how well your referral programs are working in regards to retention and productivity.

Planning for Seasonal Shifts

All retail businesses are affected by seasonal shifts in traffic and sales. ATS software can be used to view historical data that will help you to plan for seasonal shifts and determine the number of employees that will need to be brought on. ATS software can then be used to post job advertisements quickly so that you have plenty of time to screen candidates before you actually need to staff up.

Staying Ahead of Hiring Competition

Hiring competition is an oft overlooked challenge that can impact the quality of candidate available to your company. You can use ATS software to get a leg up on your hiring competition by letting quality candidates know just how great it is to work at your company and then making it easy to apply. Detail all position requirements thoroughly so that candidates know what to expect when they start at your company.

Adapting to Changes

ATS software can help you to modernize your hiring processes in the here and now, but it can also help you to be prepared for the future. Most ATS software is updated regularly, so your dashboards won’t look outdated in a few years and you won’t be stuck sourcing from sites that are no longer popular. Your hiring team will be able to spend less time researching trends and more time filling positions with top talent.

Selecting ATS Software for a Retail Business

Your business is unique, so it deserves a hiring tool that caters to that uniqueness. Take your time researching your ATS software options, viewing demos and comparison shopping before you commit to a solution that may not be right for your company. If you feel like you could benefit from assistance with selecting your perfect ATS software, consider working with a software matching company that can provide recommendations based on your needs.

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