Applicant Tracking System Software for Recruiting Agencies

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Applicant Tracking System Software for Recruiting Agencies

A recruiting agency is constantly on the lookout for top talent. They’re not just finding candidates for their own job openings, but they’re also looking for top candidates for their clients. It’s essential for a recruiting or staffing agency to be able to quickly source candidates from across the world. An applicant tracking system is therefore an essential tool for recruiting agencies.

The following features of an applicant tracking system, or ATS, are particularly useful for recruiting agencies.

Resume Parsing

One of the most important ATS features for a recruitment agency is the ability to parse resumes. An applicant tracking system speeds up the process of sorting through resumes by allowing users to set their own filters. This is especially vital for a recruiting agency, which would need different sets of filters for each client. An ATS can automatically store, organize, and analyze the resumes that come in, alerting recruiters to candidates that meet certain criteria.

Jobs Boards Integration

A recruiting agency is going to have a lot of job openings to fill for their clients. It’s therefore essential that the company can alert potential candidates to these openings. Candidates can’t apply to jobs they’re unaware of. An ATS can integrate with a variety of different jobs boards. Recruiters can post new job openings onto multiple jobs boards at the same time with only a few clicks.

Social Media Recruiting

A recruitment agency needs to look for candidates anywhere they’re looking for jobs. Increasingly, candidates have been searching on social media platforms. Typically, this is done on professional social media sites like LinkedIn. An ATS can help recruiters to post job listings on the right social media sites in order to find more candidates.

Cloud-Based Storage

A recruiting agency needs a lot of storage for resumes and other recruiting documents. Many applicant tracking systems offer cloud storage. Staffing agencies can use an ATS to store all of the information they need about each candidate, including resumes and other profile information. This information can be stored indefinitely so that recruiters can keep track of candidates for as long as they need the information.

Recruiting Analytics

It’s important for staffing agencies to know how well each part of the recruiting process is performing. An ATS offers analytics and reports so that recruiters can learn which parts of their process are working well and which need to be improved. If a particular jobs board results in more successful hires, for example, then that’s a jobs board that should be a focus. If other jobs boards aren’t producing as good results, then they may not be the best option.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Recruitment agencies that use an applicant tracking system are better able to serve their clients. They can search out higher quality candidates who are more qualified for an open position. On top of that, the agency can find these qualify candidates much more quickly. An ATS offers agencies a wider range of places to recruit from, including social media sites.

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