Best HRIS Software for Nonprofit Organizations

Finding the best nonprofit HRIS software solution based on HRIS system ratings and HR software reviews by other nonprofits.

Best HRIS Software for Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations generally work with a shoestring budget and limited staff, so HR software may not seem like a high priority. Software that can help with managing people might sound like a good idea, but if you don’t even have a person in your organization dedicated strictly to human resources, you have likely brushed off researching the software.

Nonprofits have a complicated structure, however, with most employing some staff and many also relying on volunteers. With so many people working to make a difference to society, the economy, and the environment, implementing technology to help with your people management may extend benefits far beyond your walls. By organizing your efforts, you may better attain the goals that your organization was founded upon.

Optimizes Your Workers’ Time

The employees and even the volunteers in a nonprofit organization usually wear many hats. Your operations manager might also be in charge of interviewing employee candidates or volunteers, a seasoned staff member might occasionally train new hires, any manager or veteran staff member on duty might be called upon to provide coaching.

With every minute of staff time being even more precious in a nonprofit, an HRIS might be just what you need to optimize your endeavors. An HRIS can automate certain tasks and make communications regarding scheduling, hiring, and availability mobile and convenient. This allows your staff members to minimize the mundane tasks and focus on the meaningful work that you are trying to accomplish.

Keeps Information Organized

Disorganization of employee and volunteer information can bog down operations and result in problems complying with legislation. If you’re using paper records or spreadsheets to keep track of employee information, it might be challenging to find paperwork when you need it. Security might also become a concern if employee information falls into the wrong hands.

Utilizing an HRIS will allow you to easily log employee information into a database. The information will be kept safe and secure and will be available for your review with a simple click of a button. If reporting is required, an HRIS can also compile and send the necessary reports in a matter of seconds.

Helps with Recruiting and Onboarding

An HRIS can help with almost every element of the recruitment process for your nonprofit organization. Some HR software provides guides to help you create applications and allows you to either select standardized questions or customize your own.

As the resumes and applications come in, HR software can help you to sift through them faster and keep track of the candidates that you feel may be the right fit for your organization. Some HRIS software solutions allow you to schedule interviews, forward resumes to hiring staff within the organization, and perform video interviews, all of which can help to reduce time to hire and improve candidate experience.

After you have decided to hire someone, an HRIS can make it simple to move them through the onboarding process. Forms may be submitted electronically, keeping your office tidy and saving time for both your new employee (or volunteer) and your managers.

Improves Brand Image

Streamlined human resources processes can make your nonprofit look better organized and therefore more attractive to everyone that interacts with the outfit. At first glance, it may not seem like human resources management affects clients or donors, but it can be painfully obvious when there are issues with training or staffing.

Further, improving the image of a nonprofit may help to attract new staff and motivate your existing staff. Since the employees and volunteers are the lifeblood of the organization, anything that can help you to net top talent and improve productivity is going to help your nonprofit to do more good.

Can Assist with Goal Setting

Some HR software solutions come with communications options that can assist you with goal setting and tracking. Empowering employees and volunteers to work autonomously towards specific outlined goals can save time while coordinating efforts. Keeping track of progress towards goals in a way that keeps everyone informed can boost productivity and satisfaction simultaneously.

Additionally, you can use the recorded goals and progress for incentives, performance reviews, and disciplinary measures.

Aligns with Environmental Conscientiousness

A very straightforward benefit of using technology to assist with human resources processes is that it saves paper. Ink, toner, paperclips, staples, and space are also saved in the bargain. This will help your organization to “go green” without cutting corners.

Even if you’re trying to keep costs low within your nonprofit, you may wish to consider implementing HRIS software. You may see a tremendous return for this particular investment in your internal processes.

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