HR Software for Canadian Companies

If you operate strictly in Canada or have a base in Canada, you may benefit from using HR software that was specifically designed to support Canadian companies.

HR Software for Canadian Companies

Managing human resources is important for every company in every nation, but the optimal way to do so may vary depending on the country in which you operate. If you operate strictly in Canada or multi-nationally and have a base in Canada, you may benefit from using HR software that was specifically designed to support Canadian companies.

How Is HR Different in Canada? 

Canadian HR policies tend to be more progressive in some areas, while also lacking in others. The main differences come down to employment protection, payroll compliance, language and cultural support, parental benefits, and minimum wage. Human Resources in Canada excel in these areas in the following ways.

Employment Protection

In Canada, employees are protected against unfair termination, meaning they do not practice at-will termination as the U.S does. If an employee is terminated without a justifiable reason that is backed with documentation, adequate notice must be provided. Unions are also very common and most employees must join a union and comply with the rules and policies set forth by the union, while also benefiting from the job security and protection that a union provides.

HR software should be equipped to relay union information to employees, deduct union fees, and document interactions with the union. The software should also provide tools for employers to document behavioral or performance issues that may justify disciplinary action or termination to remain in compliance with employment protection laws.

Canada has 10 provinces and three territories that each have their own employment standards that are written around the Employment Standards Act. Because of this, HR software needs to be formatted to include information by territory or province.

Province Standards

Territorial Standards

Canadian Payroll Compliance

Companies operating in Canada are required to comply with over 200 payroll regulations. HR software that is designed for Canadian companies can provide a reference for all applicable laws, while also making sure each law is followed when paying employees, and making it easy to generate reports as needed.

Language and Cultural Support

Since both French and English are spoken in certain places in Canada, HR software needs to provide high-quality support for both languages. The Canadian dialects also contain specific characteristics that should be understood and used properly for the software to be well-received and for employees to feel comfortable using it.

Canada attracts a large number of immigrants and refugees, so ideal HR software should provide a degree of support and assistance with acclimation for people that are new to the country. Software that properly articulates the Canadian culture along with the company culture may be reassuring and helpful for new employees.

What Are the Main HR Challenges in Canada?

According to the Conference Board of Canada’s (CBC) Talent Management Benchmarking: Human Resources Trends and Metrics, Fourth Edition, there are three main challenges that Canadian HR departments face. They are:

  1. Building the leadership pipeline — This includes hiring long-lasting leaders as well as promoting from within organizations
  2. Improving employee engagement — This includes creating work environments that employees are more invested in as well as developing a collaborative company culture that brings in new talent
  3. Responding to rapid change — Business and technology are constantly changing and HR specialists need to be able to adapt and move with the changes

How HR Software Can Help

Most HR programs help streamline and organize internal business functions through a variety of components, including:

  • Company database — Company procedures and handbook information
  • Financial components — Payroll, benefits, and insurance options
  • Time and attendance — Time clocks, employee absences, and time-off requests
  • Recruitment and onboarding — Tracking employment applicants, new employee record keeping, and compliance administration
  • Employee management — Track employee performance and maintain employee information
  • Training and development — Implement training courses and certification programs

There are additional benefits of having an HR software for Canadian companies, including employee self-service, centralized employee communication, and increased HR automation.

Canadian HR Software

Avanti software is “proudly Canadian” and is used by over 500 Canadian businesses. Avanti was founded in 1980 and serves exclusively Canadian clients. The company has a focus on continuous improvement, using client feedback to fuel future changes to the software.

Finding HR software that works optimally with Canadian businesses helps companies to run more smoothly. Whether you operate solely in Canada or even globally, we can help you find software that’s right for you. Visit this page to learn more about us and how we can help.

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