The Easiest and Simplest HRIS Software to Use

Find the best basic human resources information system determined by ratings and reviews of different simple and easy HRIS software solutions.

The Easiest and Simplest HRIS Software to Use

One of the reasons that HRIS software implementation can take time is because of training. Everyone who uses the system needs to know how to use it, from HR staff to managers to employees. HR staff especially need to know how to use any HR software very well. Therefore, a HRIS with a simple, easy-to-use user interface can help to make HR staff’s jobs easier and also be quicker to learn.

The following are HRIS software platforms that advertise ease-of-use and a simple user interface.

Paycor HCM Software

Paycor is a human capital management software system that advertises an intuitive user interface. Paycor offers an all-in-one system, making it one of the easiest HRIS solutions available. It’s also cloud-based, meaning that users can access the system from anywhere, even from a mobile device. Paycor also helps to simplify payroll processes and the vendor offers personalized support to make using the system as simple as possible.


Eddy is an all-in-one HRIS that caters specifically to the unique needs of small businesses. Eddy helps businesses to simplify and streamline HR processes like onboarding, time tracking, training, and more. Where Eddy really functions as the easiest software for small businesses is in its payroll. Eddy’s own team manages payroll for their clients so that small businesses can rest assured their payroll is compliant with all regulations and laws.

Criterion HCM

Criterion’s primary goal is to offer the easiest and simplest HRIS software to their customers. Criterion has designed its HR software so that it’s very easy to use but doesn’t sacrifice any functionality in the process. Criterion is also scalable so that the software can grow along with a company. It offers three modules that help Criterion’s customers to automate and simplify processes in HR, workforce management, payroll, and talent engagement.


EPAY HCM is HR software that is designed to simplify processes for a wide range of company sizes, from mid-size to large companies. EPAY is an easy HRIS to use because it allows users to access a wide variety of features from a single sign-on point. The user interface is easy to navigate and is designed in a simple format so that it’s quick and easy for users to learn. EPAY aims to simplify many of the more complex HR processes so that they’re easy for HR staff members to perform.


Vista is one of the simplest and easiest HRIS software platforms to use because it’s very easy for customers to customize their system. Vista is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of businesses because of this high level of customization. On top of that, Vista takes the time to learn about the business of each company that it has as a customer. This is so that Vista’s team can help each company they work with to craft a customized HRIS solution that will best meet the company’s needs and goals. Vista is also easy to configure when it’s implemented.

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