What is Core HR?

Core HR is the essential bulk of information and processes that pertain to the employees in any organization. Learn more here.

What is Core HR?

Core HR is the essential bulk of information and processes that pertain to the employees in any organization. Some aspects of core HR include employee personal information, benefits enrollment, and income tax withholding. Any software that helps with storing all employee information in a database, uses employee information to extract reports, and makes it easy to create employee profiles may be considered core HR software.

Core HR’s Role in HR Management

The information that is contained within Core HR is critical to HR management. Knowing how many employees are in the company at any given time can help with planning for hiring needs and labor costs. Being able to access information about employee job titles and training levels can be helpful in succession planning.

Having an easy way to store, sort through, access, and discard core HR information can improve many aspects of the organization. Complying with regulations will become easier, HR managers will save time, and the hiring process will become faster and more intuitive as information cycles in and out easily. For these reasons, many organizations opt to incorporate core HR software to help manage these information and processes.

Core HR Software and Employee Self Service

Core HR software often includes an employee self service portal. An employee self service portal can improve the accuracy of core HR information by allowing employees to immediately make changes to information, rather than waiting for HR managers to see information change requests and find the time to process those requests. Employees may also feel a greater sense of trust when they are allowed to access and make changes to their own information, which can improve company loyalty and overall company culture.

Employee Absence Tracking

Core HR software can often help with the difficult task of tracking and managing employee absences. Whether employee absences are part of paid time off or must be noted for disciplinary purposes, core HR software can help. Core HR software can be set up so that employee absences are tracked according to allowed time off for each employee and can even assist with tracking different time off allowances for different positions.

Core HR Software versus Other HR Software

Core HR software is considered back-end software, as it assists with the administrative side of employee record keeping and HR management, as opposed to the strategic side that deals with things like training and recruiting. Core HR software may be linked up to HRIS solutions and ATS solutions for seamless HR management. Gaining control over the key components of core HR information and processes first is essential, however.

Selecting Optimum Core HR Software

The best core HR software for your company may vary depending on scale, whether your organization has a global base, and market share. Looking through user reviews of organizations similar to yours and comparing features of different core HR software options side by side may help you to determine which core HR software product and vendor may be right for you. Working with a software vendor matching service may also help you to select the best system without spending all of the time and money.

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