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Client Problem

The client was working with an existing PEO model combined with a separate payroll service. They wanted to move to a comprehensive HRIS with all features under a single umbrella. The key factors they were looking for were core-HR, payroll, time and attendance, benefits management with employee self-service. Additionally, they were sensitive to how expensive some of the systems could be and wanted to get the greatest value.

As they began looking, they quickly determined that there were too many options in the market. They came to Matchr (formerly HR Payroll Systems) to define their overall needs and receive recommendations on the systems that would best fit their specific needs.


Migration to a comprehensive, single system of record for

Finding the greatest value

Locating vendors with specific functionality

Too many options in the marketplace

Our Solution

After spending a few minutes identifying their specific needs, the client completed the free HRIS Software Match Tool. Within the same day, Matchr called to confirm the client’s information and obtain further detail on their specific needs. Within the same week, five HRIS providers were selected as quality matches and the client moved into screening.

The client identified that four out of five HRIS vendors selected by Matchr were fits with their needs and began moving forward. The process included initial screening calls, demos and then RFPs. The entire process reduced the overall client burden of research and allowed the process to be highly focused on evaluating HRIS vendors—not searching for them. Throughout the process, the client determined that in addition to specific technical functionality, they really wanted a high level of customer service and identified the right system for their firm and moved forward with purchase and implementation.

Key Benefits

Was highly responsive to the client’s needs

Saved massive research headache

Reduced the field quickly and effectively

Identified HRIS vendors that matched their needs

Identified an HRIS vendor that provided the needed customer service

Received the greatest amount of value from their selected HRIS with respect to budget

Picture of Michael Carlos
Michael Carlos
HR Coordinator

“It was one of the best 15 minutes I have ever spent. Matchr reduced the field for us quickly and allowed us to focus in on the right system and vendor for us to work with. Our HRIS vendor is a great fit with the culture of our team.”

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