Case Study - Transitions Group


Transitions Group

Client Problem

The client, Transitions Group, is an employee owned, industry leader that manages: Furniture Options, ExecuStay Midwest, and Abode Venue. They were using a paper based model for all of their HR management and were outsourcing payroll. They determined that it was time to acquire an HRIS system because of the overwhelming need to manage benefits. They wanted to move to a comprehensive HRIS with all features under a single umbrella.

The key factors they were looking for were benefits administration, payroll, time and attendance, core employee data and employee self-service. Additionally, they were looking for a system that brought the greatest amount of value. They knew that there were hundreds of systems on the market and they began their research with a simple Google search (“HRIS”). They turned to Matchr (formerly HR Payroll Systems) to define their overall needs and receive recommendations on the systems that would best fit their specific needs.


Comprehensive, single system of record for HRIS functions

Finding the greatest value

Looking for vendors with specific functionality

Hundreds of options in the marketplace and wanted to narrow down their options

Our Solution

They spent a few minutes identifying their specific needs by completing Matchr’s free online Software Match Tool. Within a few hours, Matchr called to confirm their information and obtain further detail on their specific needs. In a few days, four HRIS providers were selected as quality matches with the client’s needs and the client moved into screening.

Transitions Group identified two of the four HRIS vendors shortlisted by Matchr as the best fits for their needs and began moving forward. The process included initial screening calls, demos and then RFPs. The overall client burden of research was reduced dramatically and allowed the process to be highly focused on evaluating HRIS vendors as opposed to searching for them.

As they learned more about the systems, the list of needs grew to include recruiting and reporting capabilities. The client wanted a high level of customer service and a provider that would be invested in their success with the tool. They found the right system for their firm and moved forward with purchase and implementation.

Key Benefits

Was highly responsive to the client’s needs

Saved massive research headache

Reduced the field quickly and effectively

Identified HRIS vendors that matched their needs

Identified an HRIS vendor that provided the needed customer service

Received the greatest amount of value from their selected HRIS with respect to budget

Jodi Simon
Human Resources
I had no idea where to start for our HRIS search. I am so glad I found Matchr because they saved a lot of research time and focused our search on a provider that could deliver on our needs.

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