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Two HR Software Sites Consolidate Under New Brand Matchr

The new company’s website will connect HR professionals with HR software

ORLANDO, FL — July 2021 — HR Payroll Systems and Applicant Tracking Systems announced today that the two websites will unite to form Matchr ( Both companies are designed to connect HR professionals with HRIS/payroll systems and applicant tracking systems, respectively. Through consolidation of the two brands under Matchr, HR professionals can conveniently access a single site for all of their HR software needs. 

Dave Rietsema, founder of HR Payroll Systems and Applicant Tracking Systems, says the end goal of Matchr is to be a one-stop destination for HR professionals to learn about HR software, search for solutions and select the right one for their needs. He hopes Matchr will save time and reduce stress while simplifying the software search experience.

“Matchr was formed to create a seamless, one-site experience for HR professionals,” Rietsema says. “They can get everything they need for their software search and software journey rather than having to bounce around between review sites.”

Those familiar with the style of HR Payroll Systems and Applicant Tracking Systems will notice similarities in the design and flow of the new Matchr site. Matchr will include vendor listings, software reviews, and star ratings for each software.

Matchr is a one-of-a-kind solution in the HR industry. The current alternative for HR teams searching for new software is to visit a software directory or review sites, none of which are HR-specific. Rietsema says this process often causes HR professionals to waste time sorting through software solutions that won’t work for their companies. Matchr guides its users through the process by providing a shortlist of solutions and connecting them with vendors that make sense for their needs. 

“Why waste time evaluating vendors that aren’t right for your industry, company size, or company goals? Each company has unique needs,” Rietsema says. “I’ve been in their shoes, and I care about making this process easy.”

Matchr will also contain general resources and educational content about HR technology. The company will continue to be based in Orlando, FL.  

About Matchr

Matchr, formerly HR Payroll Systems and Applicant Tracking Systems, helps HR professionals identify, evaluate, and select HR software. With its software match tool, companies can save time finding and selecting an HRIS/HRMS or applicant tracking solution that best fits the company’s needs. Founder and CEO Dave Rietsema is dedicated to matching HR professionals with the best HR software in an easy, quick way. He founded HR Payroll Systems in 2012 and Applicant Tracking Systems in 2016. Prior to starting the company, Rietsema spent several years working as an HR professional.

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