HR Software Needs Assessment

To make this part of your software selection journey easier, we have provided a sample of a needs assessment worksheet.

HR Software Needs Assessment

The critical first step to purchasing new HR software is always identified as assessing your specific company needs. While all of the experts agree that you must understand your needs before you can begin to determine what you want an HR software solution to do for you, actually assessing needs is easier said than done.

To make this part of your software selection journey easier, we have provided a sample of a needs assessment worksheet. The worksheet is general so as to apply to nearly any type of workplace, but you can tailor it and expand on it to fit your specific industry and company and use it as a guideline for your needs assessment.


FeaturePriority RankingDepartments AffectedGaps in Current SystemsNotes
Self Service Portals
Employee Database
OSHA and Safety Tracking
Reporting and Analytics
Succession Planning
Benefits Management
Social Media
Mobile Accessibility


Planning Process

Planned Dates for Important HR Software Selection Milestones

Vendor Research Completed
Shortlist of Vendors Compiled
Vendor Demos and Presentations Scheduled
Contract Negotiations Completed
HR Software Solution Selected
Implementation Begins


Selection Considerations

  • Will a Request for Proposal (RFP) be drafted and submitted?
  • What is the up-front and monthly budget for HR software?
  • Which type of solution is desired? (Hosted, on-site, web-based)
  • Will intensive training be required to transition from current systems?
  • Will projected future growth alter a system’s ability to meet company needs?

Research Phase

Best Fit CriteriaVendor #1Vendor #2Vendor #3
Do features line up with priorities?
Do reviews indicate adequate customer support?
Does pricing fall within budgetary limitations?
Are contract terms acceptable?
Are employees and managers on board with solution?


Existing Software Integration Capabilities and Needs

Software FunctionCurrent VendorAble to Integrate with Software Options (Select from Shortlist)
Time and Attendance Tracking  
Benefits Management  
Learning Management and Tracking  


Needs Assessment Goals

Utilizing a worksheet such as the one outlined above won’t guarantee that you will find and purchase the optimal HR software solution for your workplace, but it can help you to assess where your HR processes need work. This in turn can both assist you with selecting new software and with altering your HR processes for optimization. Additionally, a needs assessment can introduce you to functionality that may be new or improved.

After Completing a Needs Assessment

After completing a needs assessment, your organization should be in a better position to begin narrowing down the search for HR software. You can use the information within the worksheet to critically assess vendor comparisons and software summaries in order to determine how well given software will fit your needs.

If you decide to rely on vendor matching consultants, you will have compiled most or all of the information that they will require to assist you with HR software selection. You can easily plug in this information using a vendor matching tool or work side by side with a representative to determine your best HR software options.

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