Best HRIS Software for Automation and Custom Workflows

Finding the right software can be challenging. Chances are, your company requires unique features and automation to work in your day-to-day operations.

Best HRIS Software for Automation and Custom Workflows

Custom HR solutions provide the benefits of automated HR systems with the ability to be customized for the specific needs of your business. If you’re wondering how your business can benefit from an automated HR system, our list of the top-rated custom HR software can help. 

Custom HRIS Features

Many HR tasks are time-consuming and can benefit from automation. Custom HR software manages your HR processes, giving you more time to dedicate to revenue-generating tasks. Custom HRIS features include:

  • Email/communication management
  • Automated onboarding processes
  • Documentation storage
  • Time and attendance tracking


Rippling is a workflow automation system designed to integrate all HR processes and systems for US companies with two to 500 employees. It connects to any software or app your business already has, syncing data across these systems to ensure that data is up-to-date for all users. A self-service portal and mobile app allow employees to monitor their information and fix any issues as they occur.

Rippling can also integrate with IT systems to provide the same benefits to your IT department it provides for HR. The goal of Rippling is to automate work from both the HR department and IT so your employees can focus on other essential parts of the company. 

This software is excellent for those looking for custom IT and HR workflow templates as it lets you choose from hundreds of pre-built templates. These templates can also be adjusted to fit your specific needs. 


Avanti is a custom HR software made by Canadians for Canadian companies. It provides workflow automation by managing HR, payroll, and attendance from one centralized location. Businesses have the option of an on-site solution or a Cloud-hosted solution.  

Avanti streamlines and improves business processes while allowing information to be readily accessible. The centralized communication hub provides access from any computer or mobile device with internet access. This enables employees to find answers to their payroll or HR-related questions anytime. 

Bamboo HR 

The BambooHR software solution streamlines and centralizes employee data into a single database and provides instant, real-time reports and alerts. BambooHR helps you take your company to the next level by simplifying processes so HR professionals, managers, and employees have time to focus on more essential tasks. 

BambooHR is perfect for companies looking to improve their onboarding process. When an employee is hired, all of their information from the application screening process is saved in the system, so duplicate data entry is unnecessary. New employees can readily access the information they need for their new role and view upcoming training with this custom HR solution. 

Workforce Hub

Workforce Hub combines workforce management and HR tools into one software solution. It helps you manage employees through the onboarding process and benefits and employee performance management. Workforce Hub is designed to scale your business as it grows. 

Workforce Hub meets the needs and fits the budget of small businesses. It is designed for companies with one to 100 employees. Small businesses face different challenges than larger ones, and Workforce Hub is focused on easing some of those challenges. 

Find a Custom HR Solution for Your Needs

There are many custom HR solutions, but which one you choose should depend on the specific needs of your business. Matchr can help you find the best HR solution based on your different service needs. Visit our software match page today to get matched for free.