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COVID-19 Special Report: The State of Human Resources

There’s no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has left a mark on every individual and every organization around the world. During this time, heroes have emerged and taken on the extraordinary duties to keep things running as close to normal as possible.  As the ...

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man in suit with blue umbrella

What Should Companies Do to Prepare for Bad Weather?

No matter where your company is located, there’s always a risk of inclement weather. In the north, that can be blizzards. In California, there are earthquakes. In the Midwest, tornadoes can cause a lot of damage. Hurricanes are a seasonal bane in Florida. Bad weather ...

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woman sneezing at her work desk into a tissue

How You Can Manage Illness Outbreaks

The news has been filled lately with reports of the spread of the coronavirus. At first, it was just in China, but then a cruise ship in Japan was quarantined due to the virus. Now, there are cases all over the world, including in the United States. An illness ...

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young businessman sitting at desk for work

What to Do if an Employee Is Stealing

No one likes to think that their employees might steal from them. However, statistics show that it’s more likely than not that at least one employee of a business has stolen from their employer. While some might stop at once, others are repeat offenders. Internal ...

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woman running late for work

What to Do with Late Employees

Sometimes lateness is unavoidable. There could be bad traffic. An alarm could have failed to go off. A pet could have been sick. A first offence can easily be overlooked. Even later offences could be forgiven if they’re not regularly occurring. It’s when lateness is ...

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woman holding her things fired by male boss

When Is It Time to Fire an Employee?

No one likes firing an employee. It’s a difficult decision, but any HR manager or business owner will eventually have to make the choice to do what’s best for the company. While it’s important to give problem employees a chance to improve, there may eventually reach ...

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employee theft

Common Methods of Employee Theft and How to Handle It

A majority of employees admit to stealing from their employer at least once in their lifetime. The loss from employee theft can be damaging to any company and can be particularly painful for small businesses. Employee theft isn’t exactly inevitable, however. Steps ...

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Diverse Workplace

Promote and Improve Diversity in the Workplace

Workplace diversity is an important topic that has graced headlines for several years now. Applicants and customers alike want to see companies embrace a variety of cultures, employ and work with people of different backgrounds, and be more inclusive in their ...

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