Our Top 13 Best Applicant Tracking Systems for 2022

Our Top Applicant Tracking Systems for 2022 Hand Selected and Analyzed by Matchr. Find The Best ATS Solution for Your Company.

Our Top 13 Best Applicant Tracking Systems for 2022

If you have evaluated your hiring processes and decided that an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) could have benefits for your business, you must then figure out how to select the best system for your needs. In this article, we will be reviewing the top 13 applicant tracking system solutions for 2022.

Picking the best system is not as simple as going online and choosing the ATS that is the most popular, because it may turn out to be all wrong for your company. Every company has nuances in their hiring processes and needs that make it where one particular ATS will work above all of the others. Matchr invests hundreds of hours working with and analyzing applicant tracking systems to help you find and determine which products are best for your company.

Our Top 13 Applicant Tracking System Picks for 2022

Best Applicant Tracking System - Jobvite

Jobvite ATS

Jobvite ATS is an innovative applicant tracking system that goes beyond just tracking job applicants. The Jobvite ATS lets you to streamline the applicant process while attracting a large number of qualified candidates. This allows companies to hire top talent faster and easier. With the Jobvite ATS, you can create customizable workflows, simple interview scheduling, and feedback tools.

Jobvite ATS Highlights:

  • Award Winning Customer Service
  • Highly Customizable Solution
  • Unlimited Job Link Tracking
  • Better Candidate Experience
  • Reduces Time to Fill by 27% on Average
  • All Recruiting Tools Available from a Single Point and Single Sign-on

Compare Jobvite ATS to Other ATS Solutions

SmartRecruiters Logo - Best ATS

SmartRecruiters ATS

SmartRecruiters applicant tracking system is a modern, enterprise grade ATS that empowers companies to hire talent on demand and under budget. The SmartRecruiters ATS is a modern cloud based solution that works best for medium to large companies. Their applicant tracking system provides multi-lingual support and as a result, is a great choice for companies operating around the globe.

SmartRecruiters ATS Highlights:

  • Versatile Solution that can be Customized to Fit Client Needs
  • Assists with EEO, OFCCP, and GDPR Compliance
  • Talent Communities so Companies can Stay Ahead of Hiring Demand
  • Easy-to-use and Navigate Dashboards
  • Intuitive and Convenient Application Management
  • High-quality Support with a Dedicated Account Manager for Each Client

Compare SmartRecruiters ATS to Other ATS Solutions

Best Applicant Tracking System for 2022 - JazzHR


JazzHR helps companies effortlessly streamline the the hiring process. The JazzHR software uses simple and attractive visuals that break down the complexities of recruiting into easily manageable tasks so recruiters can bring in more talent at a faster rate. The JazzHR ATS is a powerful and affordable recruiting solution that enables today’s greatest people to build tomorrow’s greatest companies.

JazzHR ATS Highlights:

  • Single-click Job Postings that Save Time While Improving Reach
  • Reduced Paperwork and the Elimination of Spreadsheets for Applicant Tracking
  • Digitization of Offer Process that Reduces Time to Hire
  • Role Match™ Scorecard that Allows Fast Comparisons Between Qualified Candidates
  • Reporting Options that Make Compliance Simple and Easy
  • HRIS Integrations Make it Easy to Import Candidate Information

Compare JazzHR ATS to Other ATS Solutions

HiringThing - Matchr 2022 Best ATS

HiringThing ATS

If you are looking for an ATS that allows you to source top talent and hire quickly, HiringThing ATS may be the solution for you. The HiringThing platform lets you integrate with job boards, social media, and your HRIS so recruiters can easily find and source candidates. The team at HiringThing prioritizes support and as a result, issues are usually resolved in minutes vs hours or days.

HiringThing ATS Highlights:

  • Video Interviewing So Candidates can be screened Easier and More Efficient
  • Recruitment Information is Easy to Share Between the Hiring Team, Hiring Managers, and Stakeholders
  • Digitized Offer Letters so Candidates can Accept the Job Offers and Move Into Onboarding Quickly
  • Reduces Time-to-Hire by About 30%
  • Automatically Collects EEOC Information, with Easy to Generate Reports
  • Easy to Integrate with Existing Company Web Pages and Content Management Programs

Compare HiringThing ATS to Other ATS Solutions

ICIMS - Best ATS List


ICIMS is one of the largest and most well known applicant tracking system providers in the industry. For over 20 years, ICIMS has been an industry leader in the ATS space. The ICIMS platform is designed to be flexible, configurable, and scalable so that clients of all sizes and industries can grow and scale with ease. The iCIMS Talent Cloud is designed so that it easy for recruiters to attract, engage and hire talent, faster.

ICIMS ATS Highlights:

  • Proven and Trusted Solution that Balances Business Growth with Stability
  • Routine Upgrades so that Your Software is Kept Current
  • Highly Configurable Workflows
  • Proactive, Award-winning Customer Service
  • Unlimited, One-click Job Posting
  • Easy to View and Report Recruitment Analytics

Compare ICIMS ATS to Other ATS Solutions

Best Applicant Tracking System - ApplicantPro Logo

ApplicantPro ATS

ApplicantPro is an application tracking system solution for small to medium sized businesses. The ApplicantPro ATS is a highly customizable yet simple solution that takes the pain out of the hiring process. With ApplicantPro’s ATS, you get up to date insights and hiring trends so that you can focus more on recruiting the best talent for your business.

ApplicantPro ATS Highlights:

  • No Binding Contracts
  • Paperless System so You Can Onboard Easily
  • Flexible and Affordable Pricing
  • Savable Job Opening Templates so You Can Post Jobs Quick And Easily
  • Screening Questions so You Can Quickly Filter Candidates
  • Trusted by Thousands of Customers

Compare ApplicantPro ATS to Other ATS Solutions

ClearCompany Logo

ClearCompany ATS

ClearCompany is a complete talent management system that helps companies quickly hire and engage top talent. ClearCompanies unique approach to hiring helps you first identify the ideal candidate so they can then help you to source intelligently, ask the right questions, make an offer your candidates are likely to accept, and then onboard your new employees into actionable positions faster. ClearCompany has over 16 years of building quality ATS solutions with thousands of satisfied clients.

ClearCompany ATS Highlights:

  • Over 160 Million Talent Profiles to Source From
  • Assists with EEO and OFCCP Compliance so You Can Focus More on What Matters
  • Implementation Specialists to Help Get the Software Running Quickly
  • Automated Interview Guides and Scorecards for Better Hiring Team Collaboration
  • One-click Background Checks So That Your Screening is Quick and Easy
  • Discounted Job Board Posting

Compare ClearCompany ATS to Other ATS Solutions

JobAdder Logo

JobAdder ATS

JobAdder was founded in 2007 with a simple goal of building a more enjoyable and efficient recruitment process. Their cloud based software is specifically designed for internet and mobile users. JobAdders applicant tracking system is customizable so that your own company’s workflows and hiring procedures can be maintained. Their ATS is flexible and capable of various integrations.

JobAdder Highlights:

  • No Lock-in Contracts
  • Simplified, Uncluttered, and Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Fully Customizable Dashboard so You Can Prioritize Features Important to Your Organization
  • Applicant Tracking Software that Moves Candidates Through Your Hiring Pipeline
  • Access to Over 200 Job Boards
  • Resumes are Automatically Parsed so Manual Data Entry Is Not required

Compare JobAdder ATS to Other ATS Solutions


Workable ATS

Workable applicant tracking system is one of the most well known brands in the ATS space. The Workable software solution is an enterprise-grade ATS designed to be flexible and scalable so that it can service the needs of companies both large and small. Workable ATS is accessible both web and mobile making it easy and convenient to access from anywhere in the world.

Workable ATS highlights:

  • Live Global Support 24/7
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Scalable as Companies Grow
  • Remote Interview Scheduling
  • Over 1 Million People Hired Using Workable
  • Library of Advice, Tutorials, and Templates

Compare Workable ATS to Other ATS Solutions


ApplicantStack ATS

ApplicantStack specializes in applicant tracking and onboarding for small businesses with less than 100 employees. The ApplicantStack solution works to create a seamless and easy experience for your next hire. With one of the most intuitive interfaces, your small business will be able to easily integrate ApplicantStack to your existing HRIS.

ApplicantStack ATS Highlights:

  • Integrated Applicant Tracking and Onboarding Features
  • Job Posting on Multiple Job Boards and Social Media Platforms
  • EEOC and OFCCP Compliance Assistance
  • New hire virtual assistant So your New Hire Onboards with Ease
  • Document E-signing
  • 24/7 Help Desk and Knowledge-base

Compare ApplicantStack ATS to Other ATS Solutions

Greenhouse ATS

Greenhouse applicant tracking system is one of the most recognized names in the ATS world. As the fastest growing ATS company in the world, Greenhouse offers onboarding and CRM products that improve communications on many fronts, while reducing the burdens on HR and hiring staff. The Greenhouse ATS solution is built for companies of all sizes and integrates with most HRIS and payroll software.

Greenhouse ATS Highlights:

  • Gives all Team Members the Tools They Need so That They can be Successful
  • Flexible so That it can Mold to Any Company Recruiting Initiatives
  • Keeps Next Steps Moving with Alerts, Tasks, and Notifications
  • Hiring Plans are Customizable for Each Role and Can be Further Individualized for Each Member of the Hiring Team
  • Integrates with 150+ Technology Partners
  • Robust Reporting and Team Insights

Compare Greenhouse ATS to Other ATS Solutions

iSmartRecruit ATS

iSmartRecruit is an AI-based recruiting technology that delivers innovative solutions across all stages of the recruitment life cycle. iSmart specializes in working with small business with less than 100 employees. Their ATS solution is heavily automated so that you can hirer faster and onboard seamlessly. iSmartRecruit uses a powerful AI to suggest candidates and match them with the job they’re best suited for.

iSmartRecruiter ATS Highlights:

  • Resume Importing and Parsing
  • Job Board and Careers Website Integration
  • Google Chrome Extension
  • Candidate and Client Self-service Portal
  • Candidate Screening
  • Interview Management

Compare iSmartRecruiter ATS to Other ATS Solutions

TribePad ATS

TribePad is an award winning applicant tracking system that goes beyond just applicant tracking. The Tribepad ATS can be customized to fit into your recruitment process and it’s currently available in 16 languages. Tribepad offers automated communication with candidates, interview scheduling, reports, and more. 

Tribepad ATS Highlights:

  • Smart Job Templates so You can Streamline Vacancy Creation
  • Talent Searching That Can Search Through Two Million Resumes per Second
  • GDPR and Secure Compliant
  • Customizable Recruitment Pipelines
  • Automated Email, Notifications, and Tasks
  • Custom Scoring and Automated Questionnaires Quickly Filter Candidates

Compare TribePad ATS to Other ATS Solutions

Involve Your Recruiters in Selection

There will most likely be one or a few people using the ATS regularly that currently take care of your company’s recruiting needs. These employees will be able to identify your company’s pain points with the greatest accuracy and figure out which system will be the easiest and best to use daily. Working one on one with the people that will be using the system during selection will also show those employees that you value their input and care to make their job better, which can build loyalty and boost morale.

Clarify Needs and ATS Priorities

Brainstorming sessions and lists can be valuable when it comes to figuring out what the top priorities are for your ATS. After the priorities have been clarified, they should be written down and ranked so that this list can be held firmly in the hands of each member of the ATS selection team while researching and reviewing different ATS system features. Having guidelines can help team members to avoid getting swept up in the excitement of picking a new system.

Consider Compliance

When you are reviewing ATS features, make sure that the ATS will help with compliance needs. Failure to consider compliance when selecting a system may give your recruiters a ton of extra paperwork to do and possibly garner your company a hefty fine. It is still important to understand the basics of compliance requirements, but having an automated system that tends to most compliance needs can ease many worries.

Be Difficult During the Demo

Don’t be difficult just for the sake of being difficult, but put pressure on the vendor representative to show you the ins and outs of what the system can do. Make sure that employee candidates will have an easy time applying and recruiters will have an easy time making hiring decisions and moving information around. Intentionally make mistakes so that you can see how easy it is to recover from these.

Find Out About Support Quality

Many vendors offer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but this offering is worthless if the support available is not high quality. Read reviews submitted by other companies using the systems on your shortlist and even talk to some of those companies if you can find an appropriate context. Make sure that once you commit to an ATS, you will be able to implement and use the system to your greatest advantage, receiving timely and high quality assistance when you need it.

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