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JazzHR Software

By JazzHR
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JazzHR Software Overview

JazzHR software is as easy to use as it is to look at, with simple and attractive visuals that break down the complexities of recruiting into easily manageable tasks. From a single point, recruiters and hiring managers can: post jobs, view applicant profiles, schedule interviews, view interview results, make job offers, begin the onboarding process, and generate reports.

The software integrates with existing HRIS solutions, helping to streamline all of your HR management processes. JazzHR software is also mobile optimized, so you can manage your recruitment from anywhere at your convenience.

How Can JazzHR Software Help Your Company?

JazzHR software centralizes hiring processes so that recruiters, hiring managers and HR professionals can reduce time spent on recruitment, while improving hiring results and standards. JazzHR software helps to simplify each stage of the hiring process, providing tools that are easy to use and effective. Available features and dashboards are customizable, so JazzHR truly functions as a partner in your hiring.

Smart Job Sourcing Improves Candidate Pool

JazzHR provides several intelligent and contemporary options for job sourcing that can increase and improve your candidate pool. Not only can you write just one job ad and post it to multiple job boards and relevant social media sites with a single click, you can also invite employees to provide referrals in seconds. Additionally, you can attract and entice qualified passive job seekers with a customizable mobile friendly careers page.

Helps Manage Candidates through Recruitment Stages

Managing candidates through recruitment stages is simple with JazzHR software. A profile is created for each candidate that applies and this profile is updated every time there is activity, such as a phone screen, interview, or reference check. Your hiring team can instantly see all tasks that have been performed in relation to each candidate, allowing for better collaboration and communication.

Interview scheduling is made fast and simple with the inclusion of personal calendars that detail availability for hiring personnel. As candidates move through the interview process, interviewers are provided with a list of insightful questions that help to create a scorecard for each candidate. These score cards and other notes can be seen and discussed by all members of the hiring team.

Gets Employees into Position Faster

After hiring decisions have been made, JazzHR software digitizes the onboarding process, reducing paperwork and helping you get employees into positions, faster. Offer letter templates can be revised and sent in seconds. New employees can eSign documents, allowing for remote recruitment and eliminating time consuming bottlenecks.

Once a new employee has been hired, information entered during the recruitment process can be easily imported into HRIS solutions. This can help to mitigate errors and further streamline the hiring process.

Empowers Thorough Analyzation of Processes

Even after you have used JazzHR to improve your hiring processes, there is always room for improvement. JazzHR provides you with tools to help you see where improvements can be made, pitting your salaries, job requirements, and recruiting efforts against industry standards. You can also continuously assess the effectiveness of your sources and pinpoint issues inherent in your hiring processes.

Main Benefits
  • Single-click job postings that save time while improving reach
  • Attractive, customizable, mobile-ready careers pages that entices potential candidates
  • Reduced paperwork and elimination of spreadsheets for applicant tracking
  • Reporting options that make compliance easy
  • Analytics options that allow reviews of hiring processes and comparisons with like companies
  • HRIS integrations that make it easy to import candidate information
  • Digitization of offer process that reduces time to hire
  • Interview tools that improve hiring team collaboration
  • Role Match™ Scorecard that allows fast comparisons between qualified candidates


Main Features
  • Sourcing and Screening
  • Time and Expense
  • Tracking and Reporting
  • CRM Capabilities
  • Customizable Integrations
  • External Career Portal
  • Interview and Workflow
  • Resume Parsing


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