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Vibe HCM Software

By Vibe HCM, Inc.
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Vibe HCM Software Overview

Introducing Vibe HCM – HCM + Engagement; 1 Platform, Any Device.

Vibe HCM goes beyond simply processing back-office transactions and functioning as a ‘system of record.’ Great HR technology is about culture, connecting people, creating excitement, effective communications, efficiency, job satisfaction, and world-class HR service delivery through technology.

Cloud-based Employee Software Designed with Engagement at its Core

Vibe HCM is a system of engagement connecting all global employees throughout an organization on a web-familiar, highly personalized platform that supports multiple languages and currencies. The product delivers a superior employee experience, enabling customers to achieve phenomenal usage/adoption rates (i.e. upwards of 90%), which in turn serves to positively impact their organizational goals.

Further, this deep level of engagement offers customers the opportunity to drive transformative change in the organization, not only in HR but also in an operational sense (transitioning to Shared Service model, re-shaping company culture, running wellness programs, sales referral programs, etc.).

How Can Vibe HCM Software Help Your Company?

Vibe HCM software is geared toward engaging your employees and becoming an integral part of your company. While Vibe HCM software offers many of the traditional qualities inherent in HRIS solutions, such as the ability to easily store and access employee information and print relevant reports, their solution goes above and beyond most software’s capabilities. Vibe HCM software is also easy to look at and intuitive to use.

Simplifies Onboarding and Optimizes Recruitment

Recruitment is critical for success in any organization, but it is important to find the right candidates and make sure that they understand the job. Vibe HCM allows companies to tell their story and walk candidates through what a real first day on the job will look like. The software also specializes in “preboarding,” which introduces employees to the company and their future coworkers.

The onboarding program can help employees to acclimate to your company through the whole first year of their employment. The program offers the standard self-service new hire tasks and assists with compliance requirements, but it also provides new employees with options for learning and connecting that can help new employees become productive and feel at home faster.

Bolsters Employee Engagement and Contentment

Vibe HCM delivers both HR transactions & compliance + strategic employee engagement in one HCM platform for the mid-market. Vibe HCM offers recruiting, onboarding, communication and connection, HR management, talent development & recognition and engagement measurement delivered via two packaged editions: Essentials and Edge.

Drives Adoption

An HCM Engagement Platform like Vibe HCM fosters widespread adoption with its compelling unification of engagement and HR functionality.  Adoption is a precursor to impacting engagement and business outcomes with technology.  If you don’t have adoption you can’t influence your strategic initiatives and ultimately business results.

If system access is not optimized for mobile devices and slow Internet coverage, these high adoption levels can suffer, impacting strategic initiatives and business value.

Introducing PWA – Any Device, Any Location, No Apps, No Compromises

  • A progressive web app (PWA) is a website that looks and behaves as if it is a mobile app.
  • Progressive web apps are an enhancement of existing web technology. As such, they do not require separate bundling or distribution. Publication of a progressive web app is as it would be for any other web page.
  • These web-based apps function much like a native app would and can house many of the same features. There’s no download needed, just a simple launch.
  • Combines the best of web & mobile apps.
  • Leverage a new web technology called “service workers” – allowing a PWA experience to always be up-to-date, responsive and enable offline work
Main Benefits
  • Single Destination Point for Employees
  • Personalized Access to HR Tools, Social Connections, Experts, Recognition, Communications and Engagement Surveys
  • Seamless User Experience
  • High Employee Adoption (Leveraging PWA – Any Device | No Install | No Downloads Required)
  • Unparalleled Visibility into Your Talent – Significant Cost Efficiency and ROI
  • Embedded HR analytics in the hands of your decision makers
  • Ability to highly personalize/brand your employee experience to your business units, communications, programs, process workflows.


Main Features
  • Applicant Tracking
  • Personnel Tracking (Core HR)
  • Benefits Administration
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Learning Management
  • Payroll
  • Performance Review
  • Time & Attendance


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