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Sage HRMS Software Overview

Sage HRMS helps small and mid-sized businesses optimize their HR business processes and maximize every dollar they invest in their employees. The core Sage HR product (Sage HRMS), payroll product (Sage HRMS Payroll), and additional components within its portfolio can be integrated as needed into a customized solution with payroll, benefits, recruiting, employee self-service, and analytics capabilities that fit each client’s specific needs.

Sage HRMS offers a range of hosting options, from self-hosted (on premise) to managed to hosted solutions.

How Can Sage HRMS Software Help Your Company?

Sage HRMS software helps you meet and respond to HR management challenges and maximize your Return on Employee Investment (ROEI).  The centralized HR database allows you to manage all of your employee-related information in a single solution and simplify processes so that your employees and human resources professionals are free to focus on more important tasks. It is estimated that about 50 percent of human resources professionals’ time is spent answering questions and managing employee information. Integrating the various aspects of human resource management into an all-in-one solution can drive improved efficiency, as well as help your organization become more effective.

Increase Employee Engagement

Attracting and retaining employees is a top priority; research shows that taking a strategic approach to talent management can help to reduce employee turnover by up to 40 percent and improve employee engagement by about 38 percent. Employee self service options can make employees feel more empowered, but that is just the beginning. Sage HRMS software also provides workflow and talent management solutions that can help employees to understand objectives more clearly and make it easier to reward them for good work, effectively countering some of the most commonly cited reasons for lack of engagement.

Foster More Fact-Based Decision Making

Sage HRMS includes standard reports, as well as custom reporting capabilities, making it a snap to strategically use your own information to improve your organization’s processes on a day-to-day basis. ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning software, can also be integrated with Sage HRMS software so that your managers can view information about sales, manufacturing, shipping, inventory, or any other key data side by side with relevant labor and talent management information. This makes it possible to fine-tune the information that is used for decision making to give you the best results.

Mitigate Compliance Woes

Whether your company operates in the U.S. or Canada, Sage HRMS software can help make it easier to meet compliance requirements. For the U.S., Sage HRMS software provides advice and information about ACA requirements, as well as the ability to manage the information needed to comply with EEO-1, EEO-4, citizenship verification, OSHA, and other compliance reporting requirements. For Canada, Sage HRMS software reduces compliance risks by making it easy to print EE audit reports 1-6, OHS Accident Analyses, and other requirements that may vary by province. Sage HRMS software also makes it easy to track FMLA and manage any other type of time off so there is less to worry about.

Main Benefits
  • Simple, intuitive user interface.
  • Advanced customization and easy data import/export capabilities.
  • Local, regionally based network of authorized partners/consultants offers specific expertise for quick deployment and ongoing service.
  • Multiple integration points for ERP and accounting software (especially financials).
  • Comprehensive customer support, including regular maintenance updates, 24X7 access to Sage’s online knowledge base, and live technical service.
  • Multiple training methods, including classroom, online instructor-led, recorded learning, web seminars, and an annual customer conference.
  • Automatic product updates through Sage Advisor.
  • Easy-to-use, wizard-driven report writer; more than 100 standard reports can be previewed, printed, and exported to a file to help clients improve their analytics.
  • Electronic delivery of software updates.


Main Features
  • Applicant Tracking
  • Personnel Tracking (Core HR)
  • Benefits Administration
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Learning Management
  • Payroll
  • Performance Review
  • Time & Attendance
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