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Criterion HCM

By Criterion
Company Size: S M L

Criterion HCM Software Overview

Criterion’s human capital management software is designed to enable mid-sized companies with between 200 and 5,000 employees to manage their payroll, HR, talent engagement, and other people processes in one place. Criterion HCM is both easy to use and scalable so it can grow as your company grows. Criterion HCM has three modules:

  • Human Resources
  • Payroll
  • Talent Engagement

Customers can license individual modules or the entire platform.

Criterion HCM is cloud-based and seeks to provide, first and foremost, ease of use to its customers. The system is also designed to automate critical services in HR, talent engagement, payroll, and workforce management. While other HCM systems may offer usability at the expense of fuctionality, Criterion HCM combines the two. Its HCM software is still easy to use but also provides powerful functionality.

How Can Criterion HCM Software Help Your Company?

Mid-size companies face challenges and pain points just like their enterpirse counterparts. Criterion HCM can help your company by balancing usability with functionality in a way that is specially designed to meet the needs of mid-size companies.

Criterion HCM is cloud-based so it’s easily accessible via mobile or desktop devices. It’s an all-in-one solution that offers mid-size companies the ability to automate, accelerate, and consolidate critical HR, payroll, and talent engagement processes. It offers all of this at a price that is affordable to mid-market companies.

Configurable Software to Meet Specific HR Needs

Criterion HCM is built on an open extensible architecture for rapid configuration in days, not weeks. The platform’s enterprise-grade features for midmarket users include easy drag-and-drop dashboards, responsive AI, automation and chatbots, and self-service features to better serve employees (ESS) and managers (MSS). 

It’s engineered to shrink time, cost, and complexity for administrators and provide employees with secure, 24/7 access to their personal HR information and assets. Its advanced HTML 5/Java-based technology enables a sleek, single-page user experience across desktops as well as mobile, so users can quickly access and navigate from anywhere.

Scalable Software Grows with Your Company

With near 100% uptime, the Criterion HCM Platform provides enterprise-class security and scalability, even for large enterprises topping ten thousand users. HCM client data is securely hosted and protected by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and includes 24/7 monitoring, threat detection, daily back-up, and data recovery services.

Cloud-Based Software Allows for Easy Access

Criterion HCM is easily accessible from anywhere via its cloud-based software. This means that your HR staff aren’t tied to one desk but can access the HRIS or ATS wherever and whenever they need to. If you have staff working remotely or in different locations across the country, then they can have equal access to the software’s self-service portal as employees who are on-site.

Rapid Configuration and Integration Reduce Implementation Time

The process of searching for and implementing a new HRIS or ATS can be very long. The implementation process alone can take weeks or even months. Criterion seeks to change that by reducing the time it takes to implement the software. Criterion HCM’s software can be configured and integrated into other systems for data-sharing within days rather than weeks.

Effective Security Keeps Data Safe

Data security is a major concern for corporations. Criterion HCM keeps its customers’ data safe with secure hosting that is protected by Amazon Web Services. This protection includes daily back-ups of the data, threat detection, 24/7 monitoring, and even data recovery services.

Main Benefits
  • Cloud-based for easy access anywhere, including from mobile devices
  • Self-service features allows employees to securely access their personal information
  • Delivers ease-of-use and functionality for mid-sized companies
  • Data security includes threat detection, data back-ups, and 24/7 monitoring
  • Rapid configuration and integration that can be done in days
  • All-in-one HR, payroll, talent engagement, and workforce management system
  • Automated processes and tasks to reduce errors
  • Customized mobile app
  • Simplified user experience makes the software easy to use and learn


Main Features
  • Applicant Tracking
  • Personnel Tracking (Core HR)
  • Benefits Administration
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Learning Management
  • Payroll
  • Performance Review
  • Time & Attendance
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