Find Qualified HCM Leads With Matchr

On the lookout for new high quality leads? Matchr has the HCM prospects you need.

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Find Qualified HCM Leads With Matchr

At Matchr, we take the guesswork out of finding the right software by matching HCM companies to the best and most qualified leads.
HR pros simply tell us what their needs are and we provide hand-picked software matches from our pool of software partners.
We get the customer and project information, you get leads faster.

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How We Work

We match businesses with the HR software they need. Our process can be broken down into four easy steps.

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An HR professional is searching for HRIS, payroll or ATS software and finds The idea of narrowing down their software options seems like a good idea.

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They fill out our Software Match form containing basic information about their software project.

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One of our Software Advisors calls to confirm their information and asks a series of follow-up questions (BANT). This allows us to screen and assess lead quality.


After the call, a QA Specialist reviews the call information and determines the providers that best meet the company's needs.

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What Sets Us Apart

Discover what makes us different from other software review sites.


At Matchr, our #1 focus is matching clients with the right HR software. Other review sites may feature hundreds of software categories but at Matchr, we believe in focusing in on the HR market. With our experience and knowledge of HRIS, Payroll, ATS, LMS and Performance, we make the most precise and accurate matches around.

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Quality Leads

We take the time to phone-screen all of our potential leads to get a deeper understanding of what they are looking for in their new HR software. This gives us higher-quality leads that we can put in touch with you.

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We offer our vendors options when it comes to the lead gen program they’re looking for. They can opt in to our flagship Pay-Per-Lead program and/or our Pay-Per-Click (self-service) program.

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A Matchr Breakdown: Our Numbers

We’ve helped thousands of HR pros over the past 10 years. Take a look at how our numbers break down.

Helping HR Professionals

Since our opening in 2012, we’ve helped over 6,000 professionals get matched with the software they need.

Multiple Vendors

We’re currently partnered with more than 30 HCM software providers.

Highly Visible gets more than 60,000 visitors every month, meaning our vendor listings are getting seen by thousands of professionals at any time.

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Why People Love Us

We bring professionals and software vendors together to create a win-win match for everyone. Check out some testimonials about why people love Matchr.

We were at the beginning of our payroll software search and your website was very helpful in providing great company options and saving me from doing a timely and extensive internet search.
HR Director
Matchr helped me to narrow my search to 3 vendors matching my company’s profile. Within a month, we selected a vendor and began implementation. Using Matchr absolutely saved me time finding a new system.
Director of HR
I had no idea where to start for our HRIS search. I am so glad I found Matchr because they saved us a lot of research time and focused our search on a provider that could deliver our needs.
Human Resources

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Vendor Testimonials

“Matchr has consistently been a top performing source of high quality HCM leads. Their focus on lead quality through their phone-screening process really sets them apart. We’ve been using their service for over 8 years and our ROAS is 4.28! #happymarketer”

“PDS utilizes a variety of different lead generation portals to gather sales leads, but the team at Matchr, consistently offers highly qualified leads that have been guided through the HCM vendor space and are actively searching for an HCM solution. Matchr has consistently produced high-performing leads using their focused, educational methodology. PDS is grateful to have Matchr as a partner.”