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Jobvite ATS

By Jobvite
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Jobvite ATS Software Overview

Jobvite ATS is an innovative recruiting solution that goes beyond simply tracking applicants. Jobvite streamlines the hiring process while attracting a larger number of qualified candidates, making it easier to hire top talent faster. Jobvite’s ATS provides customizable workflows, simple interview scheduling and feedback tools, along with powerful reporting to help you measure your organization’s recruiting efforts.

“Jobvites” invite both passive and active job seekers to apply to job openings after using matching technology to identify candidates that are a good match. Jobvites create trackable links, making it easy to measure the effectiveness of referral programs and automatically track their source information.

Candidates can also opt to become a part of the talent community without applying or can apply to the opening without the hassles involved in creating a login, easing the pressure and making the process user-friendly.

Jobvite ATS is a part of the larger Jobvite Recruiting Platform, which encompasses a sourcing CRM and recruitment marketing system, mobile-optimized career sites, and a newly launched onboarding system.

How Can Jobvite Software Help Your Company?

Jobvite Hire gives you a snapshot of your whole recruiting process, making it easy to look at and a snap to take action. All aspects of recruiting can be managed from your computer, so you don’t have to take time away from your other job needs to manage hiring – and time sensitive tasks can be managed while on the go. Your employee candidates also benefit from this intuitive platform that makes it easy to apply and can help improve employee satisfaction from the start.

Jobvite Hire Makes Job Posting Easier Than Ever

Jobvite Hire automatically sends information about newly entered job openings to Indeed, Glassdoor, and hundreds of others, saving recruiters, HR professionals, and hiring managers time. Social integration makes it easy for employees and managers to share hiring needs across social platforms with a few clicks. These options make it fast and efficient to get the word out about openings to a large number of candidates, but they also help you to strategically place your job ads in places where your top talent will be more likely to see them.

Home Page Dashboard Makes Your Day Actionable

Keeping a high-level picture of everything that needs to happen in your day can be difficult. The Home Page Dashboard puts all your key metrics in one easy-to-read place. With role-based widgets, everyone on your team can see the recruiting tasks specific to them, from their candidate pipeline by requisition, upcoming interviews, or pending requisition approvals.

The Smart Scheduler Helps You Manage Interviews

Scheduling interviews can be a nightmare between coordinating employees’ calendars, finding open conference rooms, all while minimizing any hiccups with your candidate. The Smart Scheduler makes that easy by integrating with Outlook and Google Calendar. View everyone’s calendar at a glance, customize their order and interview time, and easily update everything if you need to.

Reporting Assists With Continuous Evaluation

Reporting is no longer a nice-to-have in recruiting. You need to have access to simple and customizable reports to help you optimize your hiring. Measure your key performance metrics through templated reports like Time-to-Hire, Bottleneck, and EEO and OFCCP. Customizable reports let you tailor your data and drill down to suit your organization’s needs.

Main Benefits
  • Award winning customer service
  • Named a leader in the most recent Forrester Wave Report for Talent Acquisition Vendors
  • Strong social recruiting tools set Jobvite apart from competition
  • Simplifies recruiting funnel management from sourcing to onboarding
  • Highly customizable solution
  • Helps provide a better candidate experience
  • Fully mobile-optimized and branded career sites
  • Powerful reporting and analytics to track key metrics like, time to hire, hiring team activity, and executive dashboards
  • Social sourcing makes it easy to attract passive job seekers
  • Provides analytics to review success of recruiting strategies
  • Unlimited job link tracking
  • All recruiting tools available from a single point and single sign-on
  • Consolidated profile view organizes all relevant candidate information in one place
  • Reduces time to fill by 27% on average
  • Simple application process does not require candidates to login
  • Lowest application abandonment rate in the industry, according to Appcast


Main Features
  • Sourcing and Screening
  • Time and Expense
  • Tracking and Reporting
  • CRM Capabilities
  • Customizable Integrations
  • External Career Portal
  • Interview and Workflow
  • Resume Parsing

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