How to Keep Your HRIS and Payroll Software Secure

Keep your HRIS software and payroll system secure from threats. It’s important to plan ahead when it comes to data security.

How to Keep Your HRIS and Payroll Software Secure

Data security is of the utmost importance. One of the considerations companies have to keep in mind when searching for a HRIS or payroll software is how to keep the software secure. Some companies prefer to keep all payroll and other HR features completely on-premise to avoid the risk of data getting compromised. Others prefer cloud-based HR software for the same reason.

Shop for Security

It’s important to plan ahead when it comes to data security. If you’re implementing a new payroll or HRIS software platform, then you should search for one with security as one of the primary criteria. Ask vendors about how they secure keep data secure. If HR software is cloud-based, you have to rely on the vendor for data security. If you’re not satisfied with a vendor’s security, then cross that vendor off the list and continue the search.

Restrict User Access

Not every user needs to have access to every part of a HRIS or payroll system. While all employees should be entered into the HR software, not all of them need access to everything. An employee self-service portal can give non-HR staff access to the information they need. HR staff should be the only ones with full access to the entire system. Other employees should be granted access only for what they need. This can prevent a loss of data by limiting potential points of compromise.

Improve Network Security

Data can be compromised from within or from external sources. Limiting employee access can protect the data from within. To keep external hackers out of the HRIS or payroll software, it’s important to have a secure network. IT professionals should maintain this security, but HR professionals should be aware of what goes into it.

Increase Cyber Security

Cyber security is also important. Network security protects systems and data within your network, while cyber security protects systems and devices that are connected to the Internet. Cloud-based HRIS and payroll software will need to have excellent cyber security protections. HR professionals should understand what cyber security measures the software vendor has in place.

Update Your Software

Updating the HRIS or payroll software whenever an update becomes available is vital to keeping data secure. Often, the update includes security features that will help keep data safe. The update may have even been produced specifically to protect against known security risks. The vendor should be aware of what security risks may occur with their software and should develop updates in order to eliminate them.

Educate Employees

Even if employees don’t all have access to the full system, it’s still important for everyone to understand basic Internet security. For example, every employee should understand how to recognize phishing attempts. An employee that falls for a phishing scheme could still compromise their own data. HR staff and managers within the company might be particularly targeted by scammers and phishers and should be educated accordingly on how to avoid these schemes. If someone inadvertently gives up their login credentials or other information, there’s a huge risk of data being stolen.

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