Payroll Software for Unions and Union Employees

Find the best union payroll software solution based on payroll system ratings and HR software reviews by other unions and union workers.

Payroll Software for Unions and Union Employees

Unions can have a major impact on payroll. If your company has any employees who belong to a union, it’s important to keep a close eye on any developments that occur with the union. You’ll also need to make sure that your payroll software has the features you need to properly track and process payroll for union employees as well as non-union employees.

Time and Attendance Tracking

Time tracking is an essential feature for any company that has union employees. There are union-based limitations to the number of hours an employee can work and when they can work those hours. In order to ensure that union employees are working only the hours they should be, it’s important for the payroll software to include time tracking and attendance features.

Mobile Application

A mobile application can offer easy access to employee-facing features, such as an employee self-service portal and time tracking. A mobile app for time tracking that syncs directly with the payroll software can be a very useful tool for keeping track of union employees’ time worked. It also means that employees can start their time tracking wherever they are on the premises instead of having to first visit a time clock to punch in. Plus, no time tracking devices are needed by the company if employees can download an app onto mobile devices that they already own.

Deductions Management

It’s also essential that payroll software for unions and union employees be able to calculate deductions and withholdings automatically. Any employee that isn’t an independent contractor will need taxes withheld from each paycheck, but there’s more for union employees. There are typically union dues that need to be deducted from union employees’ paychecks. Your payroll software should be able to automatically calculate the amount for these deductions and withholdings and apply them to each employee’s paycheck appropriately. This feature is especially important if your company has both union and non-union workers.

Payscale Management

How much employees are paid may also depend on union requirements. There may be certain payscales required by the union for employees at certain levels within the company or with a certain number of years of experience. Keeping track of these payscales can be difficult without software. Payroll software should be able to keep track of this information so that when union employees reach required benchmarks, their pay can be adjusted accordingly. This situation can be even more complex if some employees are union while others are not.

Reports and Analytics

A payroll software system should be able to generate reports on a variety of different topics. These reports can help to ensure that the company is staying compliant with union regulations and requirements. They can also offer insights that can help inform budgeting and financial planning decisions.

Tax Filing

Filing taxes for a business is important to get right the first time. With employee tax withholdings and different deductions and pay scales for union employees, payroll software is essential to getting everything accurate. Payroll software can typically file taxes automatically.