How To Get Free Payroll Software Demos

Learn how to get free payroll software demos for your business. Find a payroll solution that fits your business needs today.

How To Get Free Payroll Software Demos

Choosing payroll software can be a long and difficult process. There are so many software options available to choose from and it can be difficult to tell how well a specific software will work for you until you’re using it. Because the process can be so arduous, it’s essential to choose the right payroll software the first time. Choosing the wrong software means having to go through the process again later. It also means inefficient payroll processes due to a system that doesn’t match well.

A good way to ensure that you get the right payroll software the first time is to get a demo of the software before you commit to a purchase. But how do you get a payroll software demo for free?

Step 1: Check the Vendor’s Website

The first step is to visit the vendor’s website. Often, a vendor will have a space on their homepage or easily accessible from their homepage where potential clients can request a free demo of the software. If you don’t see anything regarding a free demo on the vendor’s website, contact the vendor to request a demo. Vendors want to sell their software and get new customers and the best way to do that is to let potential clients see what they have to offer. 

Step 2: Schedule the Demo

Some vendors have free demos already available on their websites. You can watch videos that show you what the software looks like and how it’s used. However, this often isn’t as thorough a demo as you would get from a live demonstration with a person who can explain and answer questions. When you contact the vendor to ask about a demo, make sure it’s one with a live person rather than video only, even if the demo is conducted digitally.

Step 3: Ask for a Trial of the Software

Many vendors offer you the chance to try out the software during the demo. This gives you an idea of how the system would be used. Plus, it’s an opportunity for a vendor to show you software features and how user-friendly their software is. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn how to use the software. Actually using the software is a great way to see how well it would work for your company.

Step 4: Ask for a Personalized Trial

Don’t be afraid to ask the vendor if you can have a more personalized trial of the software. It’s great to get a sense of how to use the software, but even better to have a chance to start setting it up as you would if you were actually installing it. Use your data and customize the software to your company’s processes during the demo.

Step 5: Ask for a Second Demo

Sometimes one demo isn’t enough to make a decision. If you’re looking at more than one payroll software system, it can help to go back and look at the software on the shortlist again. You may also have more questions about the software that you didn’t have the first time around. Vendors wanting to make a sale will typically agree to another demo.

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