Best HRIS Software for Technology Companies

Finding the top HRIS software solution for technology companies based on HRIS system ratings and HR software reviews by other tech companies.

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Companies in the technology sector produce a wide range of products, from electronics and computers to software and even artificial intelligence. Each company creates highly specialized products that require the right knowledge and experience to produce. It’s vital for a technology company to hire the right people who can contribute to the company’s continued success. 

It’s the employees who are the backbone of any company and HR has the important role of supporting both the staff and the company as a whole. A HRIS can help a company find top talent as well as streamline HR processes to free up HR to focus on more important tasks. A HRIS can benefit a technology company in the following ways.

Applicant Tracking

Hiring the right people is especially important for a technology company. Each employee must meet certain qualifications, which can be highly specialized in the technology industry. It’s important for technology companies to be able to search for candidates by their qualifications. Many HRIS platforms include an applicant tracking system. ATS features can help technology companies to find and hire the best possible candidates for any open positions that they may have.

Automated Onboarding

After you’ve extended job offers to top qualified candidates, it’s time to onboard them. Onboarding is one of the company’s opportunities to set the tone for a new hire’s employment. A HRIS usually offers onboarding features that can automate much of the process. Managers can follow a checklist to make sure that all steps are followed correctly. Much of the onboarding can even be completed before a new employee’s first day with digitized paperwork. This allows an employee to start being productive much sooner.

Data Integration

A technology company may have many different software systems in use to keep track of data. A HRIS can often integrate with other systems and share data, reducing the number of times data must be entered manually. This can help to reduce the risk of errors, which can be costly to a company. Integrated systems can also share information automatically, which means that systems are updated much more quickly.

Mobile App

Many HRIS software platforms offer a mobile app. Using a mobile app for HR functions and especially for employee self-service features is a good way to give employees in the tech sector a good impression. Mobile technology is more commonly used for both work and pleasure. A HRIS that makes it easier for staff members to use their own technology can help employees be more productive.

Succession Planning

Employees are more productive and more loyal to a company that they feel values them. Succession planning helps both employees and the company. Employees feel valued because the company is invested in their futures and their careers. The company benefits by reducing turnover and investing in making employees even more valuable to the company. A HRIS often offers succession planning and employee learning modules to track employee qualifications and training. Training may be self-service so that employees can take charge of their own learning.

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