Best HRIS Software for Mid-Sized Companies

Finding the top mid-sized HRIS software solution based on HRIS system ratings and HR software reviews by other medium sized companies.

Best HRIS Software for Mid-Sized Companies

Mid-size companies play a major role in growing the economy. Because they’re growing, these companies are often the drivers behind job growth. This means that mid-size companies will have completely different HR needs than large or small businesses. The needs of mid-size companies may also change as they grow. 

A HRIS software platform for a mid-size company should be flexible enough to grow with the company. While each mid-size company may have different needs, there are some HRIS features that can benefit mid-size companies across the board.

Applicant Tracking

Mid-size companies are often growing companies. Your HR software should help your company to do that. Applicant tracking features can help growing mid-sized companies find the right employees for open positions. Applicant tracking features typically include a branded jobs page and posting job openings to jobs boards. Additionally, ATS features include filter features to help you identify which applicants are the best qualified for your company.

Learning Management

As a mid-size company grows, the roles its employees have to take on may change. Employees can build their careers at the company and desire to rise through the ranks. Learning management features can help a company to invest in its employees by ensuring that they learn everything they need to know to both be more effective at their current jobs as well as to be eligible for promotions. Learning management can help employees to feel more valued because the company is investing time in their careers. Plus, it helps the company ensure that their staff are well-trained and knowledgeable.

Employee Feedback

The company shouldn’t be the only one giving out feedback. Companies are more successful when their employees are happy and can work effectively. Therefore, a HRIS for mid-size companies should include a way for employees to give feedback to the company. HR managers can then learn what is working and what the company can improve to help their staff become even more productive.

Software Synchronization

Many HRIS platforms offer payroll and benefits management features. But sometimes a company may already have software for those tasks that they’re happy with. Whether a HRIS offers payroll and benefits features or not, it should sync with other systems. Synchronization between systems is an excellent way to eliminate errors by reducing the number of times data must be entered manually.

Employee Self-Service Portal

The more employees a company has, the more HR has to manage. An employee self-service portal is essential to mid-size companies because it can help reduce the data management that falls on the HR team. Employees can manage their own information and make changes themselves instead of having to ask HR to make those updates.

Mobile App

Many HRIS software platforms offer mobile apps. More and more people are using their mobile apps for work. Both HR staff and employees can conveniently access what they need to in the HR software via a mobile app. Employees can make updates to their data right away instead of having to wait until they’re next in the office. HR staff can take access to the HRIS with them wherever they go.

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