HRIS Software for Manufacturing

HRIS Software for Manufacturing

Author: Dave Rietsema - Matchr CEO

Manufacturing companies rely on the productivity and organization of the workforce to drive revenues and keep everything flowing smoothly. It only makes sense to put systems in place to ensure that the workforce is handled in as efficient of a way as the rest of the job is expected to be. HR software can help to manage all of the processes that effect employees.

Manage Payroll Efficiently

Payroll can become complicated at manufacturing companies. There are often union dues to withhold and pay, shift differentials, piecework payments, timecard calculations, and manual overrides for the correcting of errors. When all of these separate pieces of payroll are tracked and managed in one place using HR software, payroll processing becomes easier and errors are mitigated.

Streamline Benefits Enrollment

Benefits enrollment is never fun when it’s done manually or when a legacy system is used, especially when schedules vary and it’s hard to catch up with each employee. Using HR software for benefits management allows your employees to review their options on their own time and make selections as they see fit. All HR staff or managers have to do is submit the final approval and authorize changes as needed.

Simplify Hour and Labor Tracking

Time and attendance tracking software can be accessed through kiosks or mobile devices, depending on the structure of your company and the offerings from the vendor. If your company mainly operates out of set locations with very few moving pieces, kiosks may be preferred. If you are continuously expanding and some employees are in charge of training new teams and traveling, mobile devices may be better.

With a comprehensive HR software solution, your time and attendance tracking links right into your payroll processing for seamless automation. This allows you the control you need to monitor hours, labor, and overtime, but the automation that you need to simplify your processes.

Track and Improve Performance

Performance management software can help you to individually coach and manage each employee on the floor. Performance management modules generally let you compile documentation regarding poor performance, recognition for outstanding work, feedback, communication, and any relevant KPIs. Having all of this information in one place can help you to see where employees need additional training and where productivity could be improved.

Flatten Company Structure with Self-Service

The hierarchies of old are crumbling to form flatter organizations with better rounded communication and less distance between management and front-line employees. Social options and messaging functions that are built into many HR software solutions can help to flatten the organizational structure and make communication easier. This can alter the company culture in attractive ways.

May Link In with Financial Data

Some HR software solutions can be integrated with systems that contain financial information. This can give a big picture focus of the health and strategy of the whole organization. By cross referencing the data, you may be able to spot patterns that could be improved for greater benefit and help you to most efficiently manage your workforce to maximize profits.

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