Best HRIS Software for Law Firms

Finding the top HRIS software solution for lawyers based on HRIS system ratings and HR software reviews by other law firms.

Best HRIS Software for Law Firms

Labor is the single largest expense for most law firms, the professionals are the heart of the practice. With this in mind, it’s incredibly important to make sure that the legal professionals and firm employees are taken care of, so that they can in turn help the firm reach its potential.

HR software can make it easier to organize HR information and direct efforts in a law firm so that everyone is able to focus on putting their talents to work in the best ways possible.

Simplifies Scheduling and Time Off Requests

Law firms must ensure that there are individuals with specific skill sets available at all times  – or at least at certain, specified times – to help clients and attract potential clients. HR software can provide scheduling templates that allow managers or employers to schedule using attorneys’ credentials and skill sets as a guideline. Employees hired to field calls, clean, and perform other tasks can also be scheduled as needed.

Employees of the firm can view their schedules using the software, review PTO balances, and request time off. This autonomy is often welcomed by busy professionals, and can help to improve satisfaction levels throughout your company.

Assists with Time and Attendance Tracking

Lawyers may need to go into the field sometimes or go to court with clients, so they may not always be able to check in at the office. HR software can make it easy for professionals to “clock in” when they are out of the office performing duties. This can help with payroll, labor management, legal compliance, and attendance tracking.

Allows Continuous Emphasis on Performance and Training

HR software often comes with performance evaluation functionality, which can extend far beyond the dated performance evaluation worksheet. Items like 360 degree reviews, peer evaluations, and self assessments can help law firm employees to see how they can improve. Skills and knowledge gaps may also be revealed, clarifying where training is needed.

Training modules and connectivity to learning management systems can help firm employees stay up to date with the latest changes in laws and legal proceedings. Employees may also complete training based on previously identified skills gaps. Using HR systems, law firms can work to ensure that their professionals are always up to speed.

Makes Reporting and Compliance Easy

Complying with labor laws and submitting necessary reports is important for any business. While certain law firms may be more likely to understand the legislation surrounding these areas, it can still be a challenge to keep track of deadlines and be sure that all of the needed information is submitted to the proper authorities.

HR software can be set up to automatically capture certain information and provide alerts when deadlines come up. The system may even be used to submit reports and file taxes.

Helps with Recruitment

Since people are the heart of any law firm, it’s imperative to be particular when hiring. Sourcing well and establishing a rigorous hiring process can set the standards high. HR software can assist with many aspects of recruitment, including sourcing, background checks, screening, scheduling interviews, ranking candidates, and finally onboarding.

If you feel that HR software could help your law firm achieve its potential, visit our vendor match page. We can help you select the solution that fits best.

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