Best HRIS Software for Large Corporations

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HR Software for Large Corporations

Large corporations have many moving pieces that must be attended to. Like any business, employees are the most valuable asset, but as a large corporation grows even larger, it can be tough to keep tabs on all aspects of HR and keep consistent standards and practices in place. HR software can help with these issues, but it’s important to make sure that the software selected includes the right functionality.

Why Is HR Software Important for Large Corporations?

HR software is vitally important for large corporations. Even smaller businesses can earn huge benefits from investing in a HRIS. Those benefits can grow exponentially when applied to larger companies with many more employees. Enterprise HR software can save companies a lot of money by freeing up HR staff time for more important tasks, attracting top talent to your company, avoiding errors, maintaining compliance, and managing employee performance. 

Without the right HR software, large companies risk errors from manually entered data. HR’s job is also more difficult, as they have to manage and keep track of the data for hundreds or even thousands of employees. A HRIS can not only help your HR staff but also ensure data accuracy between systems.

Benefits of HR Software for Large Corporations

Large corporations have very different needs from small or mid-sized companies. With so many more employees, a HRIS can help HR manage all of the information for those employees. Payroll also gets more complex with more employees at different levels across the company. A HRIS provides a lot of benefits to large corporations by taking over tasks that can be automated and uniting many features into one system. But what are the benefits for enterprise HR?

Fast and Effective Mobile Options

Self-service for managers and employees can improve transparency and assist with things like benefits management and PTO requests. Since HR software for corporations can be packed with different options and functions, however, it’s imperative that mobile options are condensed down to just what is needed. An abundance of functionality can slow mobile down to obsolescence.

Improved Messaging and Communication

Messaging and communication options within HR software allow managers to provide feedback and employees to talk among themselves. Depending on the structure of the organization, it may make sense to select HR software that has a social media page that continually updates with company information and news. These options can help employees that don’t see each other every day to stay on the same page.

Messaging options can also be a good medium for rewards and recognition. Since responses are immediate and can be made company-wide, social HR can be used to call attention to good work, which can in turn foster friendly competition and improve company culture.

Consistent Payroll, Time and Attendance, and Scheduling Software

When one HR software solution is used to handle all time and attendance, payroll, and scheduling throughout the company, it can simplify training and transfers from one location to another. Having these systems in place can also help to reduce errors and miscommunications regarding scheduling. When payroll is in-house instead of outsourced, it can also make it easier for management to correct payroll errors that will inevitably crop up.

Increased Productivity

A HRIS can increase productivity for your staff. This applies most especially to your HR staff because HRIS solutions can automate many tasks they would normally have to perform manually. However, a HRIS can also improve productivity for your other employees as well through training and performance management features.

Reduced Data Errors

When it comes to manually entered data, there’s always a risk of errors, no matter how accurate your staff members try to be. However, with a HRIS, not only are their system checks against errors but data can be shared with other systems, reducing the need to manually enter the same data multiple times. Plus, a HRIS typically has an employee self-service portal, which employees can use to ensure the accuracy of their own information and make updates themselves, rather than going through HR to do so.

How to Choose the Right HR Software for Your Enterprise

Not all HRIS solutions are created equal. HR software that works well for one company may not be the best fit for yours. It’s therefore important to look at the features your company most needs before you start your search for a HRIS. There are many options when it comes to HR software for large companies. Making a list of the key features that your company needs can help guide your search for the right HRIS.

Recruiting and Succession Planning

A large corporation may benefit more from continuously having a plan in place to fill all positions. Having a recruitment module that makes it easy to post to job boards and receive applications can help to speed up the hiring process. Having succession planning tools in place can help you to strategically groom your workforce to be ready for certain positions, aiding development while protecting the company from the pitfalls of vacancies.

Analytics Tools

While most HR software includes some type of reporting functionality, predictive analytics can help with planning and decision making. The most contemporary HR software can even provide real-time reports that can help management to assess labor, overtime, and other HR-related concerns immediately. Across a large corporation, these types of tools can save thousands of dollars.

Employee Databases with Profiles

With offices across many locations, it can be convenient to have employee databases that can show you all of the employees throughout the company or just the employees at each location as needed. Being able to find employee profiles and view relevant information in seconds at a glance can come in handy, particularly when training managers and other employees sometimes work at different locations.

Employee Benefits Management

Your HRIS should be able to manage the benefits you offer to your employees. This can include healthcare plans and open enrollment as well as PTO, life insurance, wellness, and retirement plans. Managing these benefits with a HRIS can help reduce errors and ensure that employees get all of the information they need about their benefits.

Talent and Performance Management

One of the benefits of using a HRIS is for its performance management features. The more productive employees are, the more successful and profitable the company. Performance assessments and regular reviews can help determine the productivity levels of your employees and note areas that need improvement. A HRIS can also analyze patterns and look for where your company’s training may need improvement as well.

Professional Development and Training

A HRIS should offer training and professional development options for your employees. Employees will need training and professional development for their specific job and department. However, some employees may have career goals at your company that require additional training. Your HRIS can help offer different training options as well as track what training your employees already have. Ensuring your employees’ professional development is an excellent way to instill loyalty to your company as employees will feel valued. Plus, a lot of the training options can be developed as e-learning opportunities available through the HRIS database.

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