HRIS System Impact To Companies

By fully integrating a HRIS into the structure of a workforce, employee engagement and even company culture may be improved.

Employee Morale

In the ever-changing world in which we live, new technology is continually being developed. This change requires organizational leaders to be cognizant of the different types of technology that could improve organizational effectiveness. By implementing systems that can help to automate processes, such as Human Resources Information Systems, companies may actually change the fundamental structure of the workplace and the way daily tasks are performed.

Evolution of HRIS

Human Resource Information Systems, or HRIS, have drastically evolved since they were first introduced more than 50 years ago. When HRIS solutions were originally developed, they served as a computerized database for storing records. These systems are now capable of handling most of the complex yet repetitive tasks that fall to the human resources department. HRIS solutions improve efficiency, and save both space and valuable human resource hours for more important and humanized tasks.

Integrating HRIS into Daily Life

Many companies have taken the necessary steps to transform the ways by which HR tasks are performed in attempts to keep up with rising employee counts and the evolution of technology. In the past, companies were used to tracking data on paper and spreadsheets. By moving to HRIS, companies are able to keep more accurate and up-to-the minute records, which allow them to better prepare for future growth and to make highly informed decisions on the fly.

HRIS as an Operational Tool

HRIS solutions are more than just employee data houses. They also allow employees and managers to take on some of the HR tasks that directly affect them. These solutions are helpful tools for performance and attendance tracking, and reporting systems that help with compliance and decision making.

Employee self-service options offer employees the ability to view pay stubs electronically, request time-off, and submit electronic timesheets. Manager portals allow management to view and approve workflows as employees submit requests, configure and view reports for optimal decision making, and track employee performance on a continual basis for effective employee evaluations. Through the integration of these functions, organizations are able to minimize waste and cost through HRIS systems.

HRIS and Recruiting in the 21st Century

The internet has become an attractive place for recruiting applicants. In the modern workforce, applicants expect to easily apply online from a device of their choosing and receive electronic feedback and instructions as they move through the recruitment process. Not having these capabilities may actually be detrimental to a company’s reputation now, as online presence demonstrates that a company has what it takes to survive in this digital world.

HRIS Features

The efficiency of HRIS solutions has enabled companies to produce more effective and efficient results than what can be accomplished on paper. By automating tasks and analyzing reports, companies use systems to their greatest potential.

HRIS system features commonly include:

Impact on Employee Engagement and Culture

By fully integrating a HRIS into the structure of a workforce, employee engagement and even company culture may be improved. Employee self-service often inspires greater employee empowerment and a delegation of tasks that helps “flatten” the structure. If HRIS are used properly, employee expectations are clarified, employees are put in charge of their own development, and the communication and collaboration improves throughout the workplace.

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