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5 Common Social Media “Don’ts” That Land Employees in Hot Water

Social media can be a good thing in the workplace, helping employees to communicate more easily and opening collaboration channels that may not otherwise exist. Many workplaces encourage employees to participate in social media, and may even make workplace-specific ...

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With Our Powers Combined…Build Up Employee Strengths for a Stronger Company

The Law of Attraction tells us that what we continue to focus on is what will continue to manifest. Why then would it make sense to continue to focus on employee’s weaknesses in an effort to strengthen employees’ skills and abilities? While areas that could use ...

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Mistakes HR Professionals Should Avoid Making

The human resources department is the backbone of any organization. HR is what connects all of a company’s employees and departments together. The fact that HR has a hand in every department and every company function and activity makes it essential to the running of ...

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How to Stop Employees Wasting Time

Every company has at least one employee that seems to spend more time surfing the Internet or chatting with coworkers than getting any actual work done. Even among the employees who aren’t obviously wasting time, many still admit to wasting up to an hour or so of ...

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Should You Ban Cell Phones at Work?

Ever since the introduction of smartphones, cell phones at work has been a constant problem. Employees waste time browsing the Internet on their phones, taking personal phone calls, or texting. They’re everywhere and habit-forming. Many people can’t imagine being ...

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How to Prevent Employees from Faking Sick Days

Flu season is right around the corner, and with it, employees calling in sick. Not all of these call-ins will be real, however. Up to 40% of employees actually call in and pretend to be sick in order to get the day off. For some companies, this can affect ...

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The Benefits of Millennial Employees

Everyone’s heard the stereotypes about Millennials: they’re entitled, they’re killing off industries, they’re apathetic, and they’re addicted to social media. None of these sound like good employees to have on your workforce. However, the truth about Millennials is ...

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Reining in Your Overly Ambitious Employee

It can feel like you’ve struck gold at first when you hire an ambitious employee that takes ownership over their part in your business. Hearing ideas and seeing exuberance for the mission of the organization can be very refreshing and heartening. However, some ...

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