What is the Role of an HR Analyst within an Organization?

When HR departments begin to grow and expand, the HR analyst position is one position that is paramount to the operation.

HR Analyst

For smaller companies that have an HR department of one or a few, the term “HR analyst” probably isn’t familiar. However, as the company grows, it can be helpful for the few existing HR professionals to have a general understanding of how to delegate the many responsibilities of the HR department-this is where the HR analyst position comes in.

When HR departments begin to grow and expand, the HR analyst position is one position that is paramount to the operation. This is often one of the first positions that is added to the team when the HR department gets to a point where some of the tasks can begin being handed off-yay!

What Are the Main Responsibilities of An HR Analyst?

An HR analyst is responsible for recruiting, hiring, and team building. Since employees are a company’s most valuable asset, this is no small feat.

HR analysts must follow the company rules and policies and be sure that all hiring procedures are up to snuff with federal and local regulations. HR analysts may also have to keep tabs on the employees that have been hired, evaluating work performance and making decisions about finding replacements for employees that are not cutting the mustard.

Depending on the specific organization, an HR analyst’s responsibilities may include:

  • Using applications to screen potential employees
  • Developing assessments for potential and current employees
  • Recruiting and hiring new employees
  • Creating and implementing human resources programs within the organization
  • Scheduling and overseeing training of new employees
  • Implementing new policies and systems for employees
  • Handling HR reports that are filed by employees
  • Filling out and sometimes presenting employee performance evaluations
  • Educating employees about HR practices and policies

What Skills and Qualifications Should an HR Analyst Have?

The position of HR analyst is usually an entry-level position. Most companies require a four-year degree, but no previous experience. Since some colleges and universities don’t offer HR degrees, hiring managers can be on the lookout for employee candidates with degrees in public administration, business, organizational development, or organizational psychology.

Skills and Personality Traits

Successful HR analysts are often very detail-oriented people, which is helpful when it comes to the extensive amount of paperwork required for hiring and recruitment tasks. Being decisive is also an important personality trait for an HR analyst to have, as quick decisions are a big part of the job. Last but not least, people skills are a must-have for the successful HR analyst, as the HR analyst must deal with an endless stream of different people both inside and outside of the organization each day.

Training an HR Analyst

While an HR analyst needs no prior experience, there are many things that an HR analyst must be knowledgeable about before being set free to do the job alone. HR analysts must be educated on the labor laws, civil laws, and the basic policies of the company. HR analysts should also receive more specialized training in people management, so that the company culture is thoroughly understood and is reflected in those that are hired.


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