Don’t Let Your Time and Attendance Tracking System Bring You Down

Don’t let your legacy system bring you down! Consider the following to see if you could use an upgrade.

time and attendance software

Time and attendance tracking systems have come a long way since the punch sheets of old. Still, some companies choose to stick with a barely upgraded system that includes manually written time sheets that have to be entered into a computer or spreadsheets. Even some of the digitized time and attendance tracking is subpar, allowing employees to “steal time” or requiring effort to export to payroll.

Don’t let your legacy system bring you down! Consider the following to see if you could use an upgrade.

Digital Trumps Paper or Spreadsheets

Time and attendance tracking software that is digital from the point of entry is going to be less of a headache than a system that relies on hand written or manually typed tracking. When employees can simply punch in and out and have the system clock and log their time, it makes it easier for everyone.

Make Sure Your System Matches Your Structure

Different systems work for organizations with different structures. Some companies could benefit from a kiosk style time and attendance system where employees clock in at specific station, perhaps using biometric data. Other companies will work better with a system that can be accessed from any mobile device as employees are on the go.

HR software vendors may offer a few different options, so be sure to pick the one that matches your organizational structure the best.

Ensure Ease of Use

Employees are likely to be at least a little resistant to any new time and attendance tracking system, so keep the fires to a minimum by making it easy for employees to use the new system. Clocking in or otherwise using the system should take less than a minute in most cases.

Prevent Time Theft

According to a survey done by Kessler International in 2013, a whopping 30 percent of retail and service industry employees surveyed admitted to falsifying time records. Not having adequate controls in place to prevent this kind of theft can cost your company thousands per year. Putting a biometric system in place that uses data like fingerprints or a retina scan to clock in, rather than passwords, can make time theft more difficult.

Select an Integrated System

A time and attendance system that’s integrated with the rest of your HR functionality and payroll can set your company up for success. Organizing it so that time and attendance data automatically feeds into payroll – upon approval – can save HR professionals time and mitigate processing errors. Being able to cross reference real time and attendance data with other information can help to glean actionable insights that could be used for organizational improvement.

If you do decide to upgrade your time and attendance tracking software, make sure you pick a system that works well with your needs, rather than relying on whatever comes with your HRIS. Talk to different vendors and discuss the options and how they will work with the systems and functionality that you already have in place to assure best fit. Test drive a demo if possible and let employees check it out.

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