Why You Should Let Your Employees Work from Home

It’s not just the employees that benefit from working at home. There are a lot of advantages for employers, too.

work from home

Working remotely is quickly becoming a more common perk of employment. Many employees request that at least some, if not all, of their work be remote as part of their contract. But it’s not just the employees that benefit from working at home. There are a lot of advantages for employers, too.

Communications Technology Makes it Easier than Ever

Now that most communication is done via e-mail or over the phone, it’s easier than ever before for employees to stay in touch with coworkers and quickly respond to customers. Even meetings can be done remotely via web conferencing software. Your employees won’t miss anything that’s going on in the office no matter where they are in the world.

Remote Work Can Save You Money

Remote work can save both employees and the companies they work for money. For employees, they save money on commuting costs. By eliminating a long commute, they have more personal time, which decreases stress and increases productivity. They also can spend less money on gasoline and don’t put as much wear and tear on a vehicle.

For companies, if many of their employees work remotely, they can cut costs on overhead. Without so many employees needing to be in the office, the company can operate out of smaller spaces. Some companies may be able to operate almost exclusively with remote employees, drastically cutting down on the overhead costs.

Companies can save billions of dollars by allowing employees to telecommute.

Top Candidates Look for Remote Work Opportunities

If your company wants to remain competitive with top candidates when you’re looking to fill positions, offering remote work and flexible schedules is one way to do that. Your company will look good to potential candidates and may be able to attract your top choices. In addition, you’re no longer limited to candidates who live in the same city as the company offices. For remote work, the pool of potential candidates expands to include those living anywhere in the world. Hiring someone in another location would no longer mean requiring them to move.

Employees Are More Productive

Although it may sound counterintuitive to many, most employees are actually more productive working remotely. Many managers like to keep an eye on their employees and see them in the office, it’s actually the office setting that offers the most distractions. Impromptu meetings with coworkers and even general office noise can kill an employee’s focus.

Working from home allows staff members to eliminate distractions and interruptions that can reduce their productivity. Remote work can also decrease stress. More than 80% of remote workers say that working from home has reduced their stress. Less stress means better health and also higher levels of productivity.

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