What Not To Do When Implementing ATS Software

The following are a few things that you should NOT do when implementing ATS software. Learn more here.

What Not To Do When Implementing ATS Software

Implementing new applicant tracking system (ATS) software affects everyone in an organization. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to implementation, every company must find its own way to work through implementation and transition to the new software. With that in mind, the following are a few things that you should NOT do during this phase of the game.

Rush Into Implementation Blindly

After acquiring new software, it’s tempting to do what you can to get to go-live quickly. Rushing blindly into implementation of recruitment software can cause you to stumble over unexpected hurdles and waste valuable time mopping up messes, however. Taking the time to plan your implementation project carefully can save you time and make the transition much smoother.

Underestimate the Transition – or the Resources

Going from one recruitment system to another can be disruptive to hiring staff, candidates, and even employees. Underestimating the amount of time and staff it will take to complete the transition can cause discontent. Manage change with sensitivity for how the new software and the process of transitioning is impacting stakeholders’ lives.

Assign the Project Recklessly

Assigning an implementation project to one person, a small number of workers, or workers that are not competent to handle the tasks can result in a failing project. Interview your implementation project team members carefully and communicate regularly to make sure that they feel comfortable with the magnitude of the project. If necessary, make changes to the implementation team as the project runs its course so that no one gets burned out.

Disregard the Vendor’s Implementation Assistance

If the ATS software vendor offers implementation assistance as part of the contract, take advantage of this resource. The vendor may be able to catch bugs and issues that you wouldn’t have noticed and educate you about the software quickly and thoroughly. You may also appreciate having the vendor available in a greater capacity to answer questions and provide support when you need advice throughout implementation.

Under Train the Staff

The hiring staff will need to work with your new ATS software day in, day out. Before it comes to that, they should have a comprehensive working knowledge of how to use the software, how to loop around the software when necessary, and how to correct issues that come up. Making sure that your staff is thoroughly trained can help you to optimize your recruitment processes while maintaining staff satisfaction.

Ignore Feedback about the Software

Whether you ask for it or not, you will likely be given feedback about your new ATS software throughout the entire process of selection, planning, implementation, and training. Don’t act on every ounce of feedback immediately, but consider what you hear and pay close attention to issues that are mentioned more than once. This feedback may be a valuable tool for perfecting your recruitment processes.

Implementing ATS software poses a number of challenges, but can be done smoothly and effectively if the right steps are followed. Avoid these pitfalls and consider implementation best practices to ensure a successful project.

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