What is Staffing Software?

Staffing software is software used by staffing agencies to keep track of recruits and corporate clients. Learn more here.

What is Staffing Software?

Staffing software is software used by staffing agencies to keep track of recruits and corporate clients. Staffing software helps agencies to interact with both clients and recruits, manage recruit profiles, post jobs, and perform a number of other tasks that assist with matching recruits to job openings.

In some cases, staffing software may be referred to as applicant tracking system (ATS) software or recruiting software, but these terms may also refer to software that is only used by companies for their own recruiting purposes. Staffing software more clearly refers to software that is capable of handling the demands of a staffing agency.

Introducing Autonomy into Recruitment

When companies hire a staffing agency, they want assistance with finding great people. When recruits go to staffing agencies, they are looking for assistance with finding a great job. While it is the priority of the staffing agency to assist with these endeavors in many ways, there are some tasks that each side can perform on their own to streamline the processes and be more involved.

Self service portals within staffing software allow clients to share new position openings and to see results from the software and the agency. Self service portals also allow recruits to share resumes and view compatible jobs that are available. This can make both clients and recruits feel more involved, while making staffing agents’ jobs easier.

Mobilizing Staffing

Cloud based staffing software can be accessed while on the go. This allows recruiters to meet with recruits and clients, attend job fairs, and really get out into the field looking for top talent while still being able to access all of the information in the system. Recruiters can find new talent and clients while still keeping up on communications with existing talent and clients.

Keeping Recruiters Up to Date

Recruitment is changing at a rapid pace. New technologies, new forums for job seekers, a shift from high unemployment levels to very low unemployment levels – all of these factors affect the job market on a daily basis. Staffing software can help recruiters stay up to date and keep their clients up to date on the latest industry trends.

Additionally, staffing agencies can help companies find top talent, especially in a market in which candidates have plenty of options and talent is scarce. Staffing software can help staffing agencies to do this in the most modern ways, looking at the top sources for specific industries and seeking passive talent.

Embracing Growth

Staffing agencies can change in size overnight, depending on the demand for their services. Staffing software can accommodate these shifts so that agencies don’t have to jump through hoops to make changes- or fear growth. It’s important that staffing agencies select the right software that can accommodate their current size while also being able to adapt to future changes.

Selecting Staffing Software

There is a wide variety of staffing software available, some one-size-fits-all options and many that cater to specific industries or locales. If you would like to purchase new software for your staffing agency but don’t have the time to do the research, we can help. Visit our Software Match page to get started.

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