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What Is Taleo ATS Software?

The Oracle Taleo Recruiting Cloud Service is the most widely used cloud-based applicant tracking system (ATS) and HR management software in the world. It is currently the preferred ATS of more than 5,000 mid- to large-size companies in 180 countries.

In 2012, Taleo was purchased by Oracle (one of the most trusted names in HR software), and today, 20% of all companies using ATS software are using Oracle Taleo, putting it among the top ATS systems on the market. Many large and influential businesses in nearly every industry, including Best Buy, United Airlines, Toyota, Macy’s, Marriott, and KP, have chosen the Oracle Taleo applicant tracking system to help them hire the best-quality candidates and reduce their turnover.

How Does Taleo’s ATS Work?

Oracle Taleo’s applicant management platform is an on-demand, cloud-based system that uses sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) technology to simplify and streamline the talent acquisition process for small, medium, and large companies. It’s used in the first stages of the hiring process to track applicant communications, automatically sift through large quantities of candidates, find the most qualified fits for open positions, generate reports, and more. This tool decreases employer costs and reduces the workload of in-house HR departments.

Even after an applicant has been hired, the ATS software provides additional solutions for training and performance management.

What Are the Key Features of Taleo Recruiting Software?

Easy Employee and Candidate Tracking Features

Taleo’s ATS makes it easier than ever to source talent through employee referrals and social media and to track candidate progression through the hiring process. It gives HR personnel full access to talent reports and the recruiting pipeline so they can use the data to improve their recruiting programs.

Employee candidate tracking is another vital part of recruitment, but it can become messy when so many candidates are within various stages of the hiring process. Taleo simplifies this aspect of recruitment with its easy-to-use employee database that specifies where each candidate stands in the hiring process and which steps have already been completed. This helps hiring teams improve their communication with one another, which will give prospective employees a better overall impression of the company from the very beginning.

Taleo ATS software isn’t exclusive to new-hire management, though. It can also be used to match current employees to other open positions within a company.

Automated Onboarding for Greater Productivity

Taleo’s applicant management software streamlines the onboarding process and allows users to monitor onboarding activity, track completed onboarding tasks, and manage uploaded information from new and current staff. It also empowers new employees to complete any required paperwork before their first day at the company. The software provides new hires with the information that they will need to understand a business’s mission and vision so that they can become more productive members of the team from the start. By the time new employees start their first day of work, they will be ready to learn, unburdened by mundane paperwork.

Integration and Customization Features

Every company has unique needs, which is why Taleo’s ATS was made to be highly customizable. You can choose which of the software’s wide array of features will best meet the needs of your business and make it completely your own. As long as you set it up properly from the start, it will be a good representation of your brand.

Taleo users also love that it has a very consistent and stable platform with an engaging and easy-to-use interface for recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates. It can generate standard and custom reports with ease and can even be configured with other HR software or platforms that a company already has in place or with other Oracle software.

Learning Management for Employee Development

The learning management features included with Taleo software are geared to promote the highest levels of engagement and development. Managers can create personalized learning plans for each new hire, which are then integrated with social learning options for ease of use. As employee candidates complete their training, they are surveyed on their new knowledge, and their manager can assess and track their education credits.

Why Choose the Taleo ATS? A Case Study

Today, the Taleo ATS is in action across the globe in computer software, finance, health care, higher education, and many other industries — and it’s getting them results. Why are so many notable businesses turning to this software solution? It comes down to more than just the brand’s trusted name and proven HR expertise. Users have reported improved recruitment organization, faster and more effective hires, excellent integrations with other software, and a better employee experience.

About Deloitte

Take Deloitte, for example. This company is a financial consulting firm providing auditing, risk advisory, tax, accounting, and financial advisory services. They have thousands of employees across 80 locations.

The Objective

Deloitte is a highly desirable company to work for, which is why they receive more than 20,000 applications every year. As a result, Deloitte began looking for an AI recruiting solution to lighten their HR workload and increase transparency and user experience.

The Solution

After testing several other software vendors’ products, Deloitte discovered and chose Oracle Taleo for its efficient applicant tracking, reporting dashboards, and integration abilities. They decided to integrate the Taleo ATS with Texternel, a solution for parsing as well as search and matching.

The Results

After integrating Textkernel technology into the Taleo applicant tracking system, they were able to manage their talent pool better than ever before. More specifically, Deloitte was able to see the following results from Taleo integrated with Textkernel:

  • Reduced time waste on applicant data reviews and recruiting
  • Improved historical records
  • Improved job-to-candidate matching
  • Higher-quality talent pools

Find out how Taleo software can improve your company’s operations today.


Main Features
  • Sourcing and Screening
  • Time and Expense
  • Tracking and Reporting
  • CRM Capabilities
  • Customizable Integrations
  • External Career Portal
  • Interview and Workflow
  • Resume Parsing


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