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Bullhorn ATS Software

By Bullhorn
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Bullhorn ATS Software Overview

Bullhorn software is designed for recruitment agencies and staffing firms of all sizes. The cloud based software offers customer relationship management (CRM) tools and applicant tracking system (ATS) functionality. Bullhorn is conveniently set up as SaaS and is fully scalable and customizable, allowing staffing and recruitment agencies to individualize the way the software is used for each customer while keeping up with the changing needs of the entire firm.

How Can Bullhorn Help Your Agency?

Bullhorn has helped many recruitment agencies grow and thrive, greatly increasing the number of placements and helping keep up with changing demands. When you decide to partner with Bullhorn for your ATS software and CRM needs, Bullhorn’s comprehensive training will start your firm out right. As a Bullhorn customer, you will have access to representatives who can provide in-person training, online eLearning, training webinars, live web support and documentation.

The features and functionality provided by Bullhorn have helped many recruitment agencies of all sizes to best assist their clients, maximizing their own revenues and optimizing the way recruitment is handled at every level.

High Quality Integration Adds Value

Bullhorn integrates with many third party partners to fulfill a vast array of recruitment needs. Utilizing Bullhorn’s partners, your agency can offer clients the ability to conduct candidate background checks, post openings to job boards and social media pages, create and execute email campaigns, and many other functions that may be needed by various clients.

Additionally, Bullhorn for email integrates with Gmail and Outlook. This allows recruiters to view email directly from Bullhorn or manage candidate profiles directly from email. All candidate emails are tracked and stored along with notes and other relevant markers in the candidate database, so organization is automatic.

Configurable Dashboards Allow Personalization

Customizable dashboards allow clients to transform their team’s recruiting activity data into business insight. Standard reports include analysis of overall team and individual recruiter performance, placement activity, activity against specific job orders, candidate touches and sourcing effectiveness, and more. Dashboards can also be changed to evolve with companies and their goals and needs.

Analytics Tools Assist with Optimizing Recruitment

Some of the standard reports offered with Bullhorn can provide valuable insights into recruiting effectiveness, helping you to make changes to your systems and continuously improve the client experience. Reports will show team performance, individual recruiter performance, depth of candidate interaction, sourcing effectiveness, and actual recruitment figures compared to client job orders. Reporting and analytics can also be customized as applicable.

Helps Companies Improve Candidate Experience

Mass emails are drafted and sent in such a way that it seems each email was personally written. This can improve the candidate experience greatly without adding additional hours to the time spent by your firm or your client’s company. Relationship insights also provide helpful tips for improving the candidate experience for each company that your firm works with.

Main Benefits
  • Global leader in applicant tracking software
  • Fastest ATS solution on the market
  • Automatically tracks and organizes all phone and email activity with each candidate
  • Mobile accessibility frees recruiters to manage tasks from any device
  • Email integration allows recruiters to manage many tasks straight from email
  • Job posting and social recruiting capabilities help broaden candidate pool
  • Pricing is reasonable and corresponds with your recruiting needs
  • Constantly evolving software
  • Clients have seen up to 43% more placements after implementing Bullhorn
  • 24/7 live support


Main Features
  • Sourcing and Screening
  • Time and Expense
  • Tracking and Reporting
  • CRM Capabilities
  • Customizable Integrations
  • External Career Portal
  • Interview and Workflow
  • Resume Parsing
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