Using ATS Software to Schedule Interviews

Applicant tracking system (ATS) software is now equipped with more tools than ever before to assist with interviews.

Using ATS Software to Schedule Interviews

Scheduling and conducting interviews can be difficult and time consuming, but is perhaps the most important step of the recruitment process. Interviews allow a hiring manager to get to know a candidate quicker and more completely than messaging or reviewing a resume. Applicant tracking system (ATS) software is now equipped with more tools than ever before to assist with interviews.

Scheduling Software

Scheduling software can help to eliminate scheduling conflicts. ATS software provides a calendar, or can be linked up to a calendar that is already being used, like Outlook or Gmail. Hiring managers’ schedules and scheduled interviews are plugged into the calendar, making it easy to schedule an interview with a candidate on the spot.

Alerts and Notifications

ATS software often comes with options for setting alerts and notifications. These can be set up to send an email, message, or another kind of alert to let hiring managers know that there is an interview coming up. Alerts and notifications allow managers to focus on the actionable parts of the recruitment process, rather than constantly consulting calendars and notes.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence can be used to intelligently translate schedules to figure out the best time for an interview and to send automated messages to candidates regarding scheduled interviews. Artificial intelligence is already being used to sort and score resumes, but may become an even more integral part of the interview process as it improves.


A type of artificial intelligence, chatbots are often used to answer questions that candidates may have when researching and applying to a company. Chatbots are often well constructed, so the candidates interacting with them may not even know they aren’t dealing with a real person. Chatbots can be linked up with interview calendars to intelligently schedule interviews and relay the information to applicants during a chat session.

Video Interviews

While face to face interviews are preferred by many companies, video interviews can be helpful for companies that employ remote workers or that operate across several regions. Many ATS software solutions come equipped with video interviewing options that can make it easy for hiring managers to conduct video interviews.

Interview Tools

It can be tough for managers to figure out exactly what to ask and look for in an interview. ATS software can provide tips, sample interview questions, and even a scoring system that rates candidates automatically based on their responses. With these options available, hiring managers can ensure that interviews are effective in helping to identify top candidates.

Candidate Profile Database

After an interview has been conducted, it helps to have a reference point with notes about how the interview went and where the candidate stands in the hiring process. A candidate profile database can allow all members of the hiring team to see at a glance how each interview went and whether there will be subsequent interviews scheduled.

ATS software can make the interview process smoother for hiring managers and for candidates. This may help to speed time to hire and will likely improve the candidate experience.

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