What Is Recruiting Software?

Recruiting software is generally cloud-based and works with companies’ existing hiring procedures to overcome inherent challenges.

What Is Recruiting Software?

Recruiting software, often referred to as applicant tracking system (ATS) software, is software that assists with hiring procedures. Implementing recruiting software can help to make hiring easier and even improve hiring standards for companies and recruiting firms. Recruiting software is generally cloud-based and works with companies’ existing hiring procedures to overcome inherent challenges.

What Is CRM Recruiting?

CRM recruiting is recruiting that is done with CRM software. CRM stands for candidate relationship management. CRM software plays an important role in recruiting because it treats candidates as if they were customers of the company. Recruiting using CRM software helps companies attract and retain top talent by helping companies manage every aspect of their relationships with their candidates.

Functions of Recruiting Software

Recruiting software performs several different functions in the hiring process. It’s one system for every step of the recruiting process and offers automation tools to make that process easier. In addition, it serves the purpose of attracting more top candidates.

Attracting Top Candidates

Every company wants to attract the best possible candidates. Using recruiting software can help with that goal. The recruiting process is much smoother and more seamless, making applying a better experience for candidates, which will impress those you want to hire the most. In addition, hiring software can reach a larger number of candidates and help you attract top talent.

Screening Candidates

Not every candidate that applies will be ideal for the job openings that your company has. Some may not meet the qualifications that you need for an open position. Recruitment software can help to screen candidates so only the most qualified are seriously considered.

Task Automation

Without recruitment software, all recruiting and hiring tasks are done manually. This means that many mundane, routine tasks can take up a lot of time. Recruiting software can automate these regular tasks so that HR time is freed up for more important tasks.

Report Generation

Recruitment software can also generate reports based on data collected within the system. These reports can be invaluable in analyzing your time to hire and more. Based on information from these detailed reports, you can alter your hiring strategy as needed.

How Recruitment Software Works

Recruitment software works by managing the hiring process from the posting of the job opening on job boards to the job offer. The software is designed to track every step of the process and to keep all information about job openings and candidates in one location. On the candidate side of things, if a company is using recruitment software, the application process is much smoother and streamlined.

Benefits of Recruiting Software

Using recruitment software in your hiring can offer many benefits over managing your recruitment manually. Hiring software can reduce costs and the time it takes to hire. It can also increase the pool of qualified candidates that you have to choose from.

Increases Number of Applicants

While recruiting software may vary in features and functionality, most software systems combat the challenge of low application volume in several ways. Software makes it easy to share job ads in many places online and simplifies the application process. Many companies find that implementing recruiting software increases their application volume exponentially.

Targets Top Candidates

Every position requires specific qualifications and personality traits that make employees ideal for that unique position. Recruitment software – coupled with market research – can help a company to figure out where employee candidates with those specific qualifications and traits tend to visit on the web, then source from those places. This can improve the quality of applications received.

Assists with Organization

Recruiting software assists with the organization of the hiring process, usually creating candidate profiles automatically after each application is submitted. These profiles can be filtered and classified using keywords, notes left by hiring managers and recruiters, phases of the hiring process, and even customizable filters. Applications can be easily retrieved and reviewed as needed.

Additionally, the phases of the hiring process can often be better organized using recruiting software. Many systems come with messaging options that allow hiring personnel to communicate with one another and with candidates. Profiles may also be updated as candidates move through the hiring process, allowing hiring staff to see at a glance what phases the candidate has already moved through and any notes from those interviews and screenings.

Integrations with Other Software

When recruiting software is integrated with other company software, it can further simplify the hiring process and make it easier to manage and analyze other company data. Integrating recruiting software with human resources software, for example, can allow personal information about a candidate to be imported after hire so that information doesn’t have to be re-keyed.

If recruiting software can be linked to financial software, it may be possible to more accurately assess the return on the investment of the recruiting software and other decisions that are made regarding hiring and human resources. This can lead to better decision making and potentially higher revenues.

Lower Costs and Faster Hiring

HR recruiting software can save companies labor dollars as human resources professionals spend less time sourcing and vetting candidates. Since the quality and volume of applications is typically increased, the hiring process is often quickened. When positions are left vacant for less time and candidates require less training to move into actionable positions, companies benefit greatly.

If you’re considering acquiring recruiting software for your company, it’s important to take time to select the right system for your organization. Working with professionals that help match you with quality recruiting software vendors can help you to discern which system will be best for your company.

How to Choose the Right Recruiting Software

The best way to choose the right recruiting software is to first make a list of the features that you really need. Knowing ahead of time what you need and what would be nice to have from your software can help narrow down the search. Additionally, companies like ours can help you find the right software using a Software Match form. We have a list of approved vendors that we work with so that we can match you with the right HR recruitment software.