Applicant Tracking System Software for Mid-Sized Companies

Finding the best mid-size applicant tracking systems based on ATS software ratings and HR software reviews by other medium sized businesses.

Applicant Tracking System Software for Mid-Sized Companies

Like the middle child in the family, mid-sized companies don’t exactly fit with the needs of large or small businesses. When it comes to dealing with human resources and applicant tracking system (ATS) software, this can be a burden. Most advice and resources are tailored for small businesses or large enterprises, so where does the mid-sized company fall?

It’s not impossible to find the right ATS software solution to fit your needs, but it may take some digging and some clarification on exactly what you’re looking for.

Speedy Time-to-Hire

While you don’t want to lower your hiring standards, you also can’t afford to leave a position open for long. While a large company may be able carry on with a vacancy and a small business may be able to patch duties with temporary help, mid-sized companies can really feel a vacancy. When selecting ATS software, keep in mind how a rigorous pre-employment screening and complicated interview process may affect your time-to-hire.


Mid-sized companies may grow or downsize quickly, altering the number of new hires needed on a regular basis. It’s important to select recruitment software that won’t require tons of time to change the way the system works based on the number of applications being received changing. It may also make sense to select a pricing plan that is more forgiving of frequent changes in the number of users, so that your monthly budget doesn’t bounce around.

Scalability of Offerings

It may be practical to select a bare-bones version of recruitment software, rather than an all-in-one style system. Your operation may only need assistance with certain hiring tasks, so there is no need to pay for everything that is usually offered. While it may seem glamorous to go with a recruitment solution that’s raved about by large enterprises, you may end up paying for much more than you need.

Defining Needs

Before reviewing different solutions, it’s important to figure out exactly what you want to use your ATS software for. Will you need to regularly post position openings to job boards, or is someone doing that with success already? Do you just want applications to be filtered, or would you like to implement video interviewing, candidate profile databases, company-specific screenings?

Taking time to define your needs may help you to pinpoint a more perfect solution for your company – or at least avoid wasting time looking over less than perfect solutions.

Assistance from Experts

Seeking the assistance of a software matching company can save you time and help you find a perfect solution for your mid-sized business.

Vendor matching is often a free service, so you won’t have to dig into your budget. Vendor matching experts listen to your needs and come up with a shortlist of ATS Software that seem to fit what you are looking for. The selection is still ultimately up to you and you are welcome to do your own research, but it may help to have a professional available to provide advice and suggestions.

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