Applicant Tracking System Software for Schools

Finding the best teacher applicant tracking systems based on ATS software ratings and HR software reviews by other schools and teachers.

Applicant Tracking System Software for Schools

It takes competent teachers and staff to operate a high performing school. Unfortunately, teacher retention rates are currently poor and many schools are finding it hard to find great personnel. While there are complicated forces at work behind these issues, applicant tracking system (ATS) software can help you to find and hire great teachers and staff so that your school stays well staffed and top rated.

Makes It Easy to Post Position Openings

Communicating position openings is the first step to keeping your school well staffed. ATS software solutions allow you to post position openings to relevant job boards and sites with just a few clicks. Position descriptions can be updated and managed as needed so that they are always ready for posting when a position opens.

Establishes a Career Site

Modern recruitment solutions help administrators create a career site that potential applicants can view. The best candidates will want to know more about the school and the position before applying, so you begin a relationship founded on transparency and communication while also attracting savvy applicants. Career sites can be made visually appealing and can help to illustrate the values that are important to your school.

Helps You Hire Ahead of Need

When the hiring process is simple and fast, you can hire ahead of need so that your students and staff don’t suffer from vacancies. Lining up your next semester’s teachers and staff in plenty of time before the semester begins alleviates the time crunch associated with developing last-minute lesson plans and allows staff to plan for work hours. Students may also benefit from being able to meet with teachers ahead of time so they can anticipate what the future holds.

Hiring ahead of need can also help you to cover vacancies resulting from illness or unexpected circumstances. Having substitutes and other teachers that are highly skilled and available “on call” allows you to seamlessly cover classes so that education isn’t interrupted.

Provides Background Screening Tools

ATS software provides tools that can assist with background screening, reference checks, and skills validation. Templates and informational libraries can help you stay in compliance with local requirements while also ensuring that you hire only the most professional and capable teachers and staff members. Additionally, you will be able to attach any relevant documentation and notes to candidate profiles to help with hiring decisions.

Facilitates Onboarding and Training

When hiring decisions have been made, recruitment software can help get teachers and staff into position without a lot of wasted time and paper. Digital onboarding portals allow new employees to submit paperwork online using eSign tools. Some recruitment software also links into training systems so that staff members can begin the job with all of the necessary learning modules completed.

Analytics Improve Future Hiring

Reporting features can help you to identify where your best candidates are coming from and figure out what kind of return you’re getting on your recruiting investment. Viewing this data periodically gives you the information you need to continuously improve your hiring processes and tailor your budget.

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