Applicant Tracking System Software for Charities

Finding the best charity applicant tracking systems based on ATS software ratings and HR software reviews by other charities.

Applicant Tracking System Software for Charities

Recruiting workers at a charity presents unique challenges. Since charities exist in order to raise money for certain causes, it’s imperative to save as much money as possible when it comes to running the organization and managing the people behind the operation. It’s also extremely important to make sure the charity enlists top talent and runs smoothly in order to attract donations and clients, however.

Applicant tracking system (ATS) software can help charities to source and find talent that will help to differentiate the particular organization. In some cases, this may include a mix of both volunteers and paid staff.

Screening and Background Checks

Whether workers are volunteers or staff members, an organization may still be held accountable for their conduct and professionalism. It’s important that organizations fully vet their volunteers just as would be done with a paid staff member. ATS software can help with running and documenting background checks, administering personality, psychological, and skills tests, and otherwise ensuring safety.

Resume Parsing and Filtering

Charities may receive scores of applications, especially if the mission is one that resonates with many. ATS software can help managers or hiring staff to sort through dozens or even hundreds of applications quickly, bringing the candidates with the best qualifications and most experience to the forefront. Since managers often perform a multitude of tasks, saving time in this fashion can allow managers to focus on more mission-critical tasks.

Maintaining Compliance

There may be specific exemptions and compliance requirements that apply to charities, depending on the type and scope of the organization. It’s important for charities to stay up-to-date with these laws in order to maximize the amount of money being allocated to the cause while being cautious to adhere to all applicable laws. ATS software can help organizations by alerting managers to changes in laws and tracking necessary information for reporting and filing.

Being accurate when it comes to compliance is critical when it comes to avoiding penalties. One misstep can also damage an organization’s reputation. Since charities rely on the trust and enthusiasm of clients and customers, a tarnished reputation could be much more damaging than it would be to other types of organizations.

Optimizing Onboarding and Training

Workers must be well trained and comfortable within the organization, even if they are working on a volunteer basis. ATS software can help charities to onboard new recruits, compiling all necessary paperwork and introducing them to the mission and their peers. Some ATS software can also link into training software, helping get workers up to speed and ready to make a difference.

Selecting ATS Software for a Charity

The basic structure and drive of charities dictates the need for a recruitment software solution that was created for this type of organization. ATS software designed for businesses operating for a profit may not be able to accommodate the needs of a charity or may include features that aren’t necessary and bog down the system.

If you would like to put ATS software to work within your charity, but don’t know which solution is right, we can help. Visit our software match page today and let us know how we can assist you.

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