How to Receive and Implement a Free ATS Software Demo

Use the opportunity to push the system and be critical in your evaluations to make sure that the system truly fits your needs before you commit.

When you’re searching for an applicant tracking system (ATS) software solution, it can be hard to guess how well your hiring team and candidates will take to the system ahead of time. Committing blindly to a contract isn’t an ideal situation for anyone, however. This is where demos and free trials come in.

How do ATS software demos and free trials work, though? Where would you even find them?

Visit Vendor Matching Websites

If you’re just starting to look for new ATS software, a vendor matching website could be the perfect place for you. Vendor matching websites allow you to easily compare a number of different vendor system offerings at a glance, so you can take a closer look at the ones that line up best with your hiring needs. Once you have selected a few favorites, you may be able to request a few demos right from the site.

Visit ATS Software Websites

If you have an ATS software solution in mind, you can visit the vendor website to request a demo. This allows you to get a closer look at the functionality of the system, the support offered, pricing, and several other factors. You may also be able to find out more information about in person demos and free trials so that you can visualize how the project will roll out.

Provide Information and Watch an Online Demo

Online demos are usually offered in exchange for a bit of company information. This allows the vendor to connect with you, but it also tells them a little bit about your needs and structure so that they can best advise you about using their software. After watching an online demo, you may decide to have a demo done on site for your hiring team and possibly request a free trial.

Call Vendors

Talking to vendors may provide you with insights into how dealing with customer service will be and will help you to establish rapport better than connecting strictly online up until you sign the contract. You can request an in-person demo and ask questions about implementing a free trial. Talking to a person allows you to hash out a plan for your free demo and talk about next steps if the demo goes well.

Implement a Free Trial

Vendor support may vary depending on the company and your needs. If you have a solid IT team, you may wish to have your own team implement the free trial so that you have greater control over the process. If you need IT assistance, you may be better off going with a company that offers more hands on aid with implementation.

Implementation of a free trial should be fast and can often be done remotely. The system won’t take over your current recruitment processes or go live right away, you will just be able to test it out and see what it does with information.

Test Run Information

Since ATS software may process resumes differently than existing systems and apply filters for parsing, it’s advisable to use the resumes of existing employees – especially top performers – to see how they are processed and flagged. This will allow you to tweak the settings until your top performers’ resumes are standing out. After you feel comfortable with your customization, create a few fake applications so that you get a better feel for the look and function of the system from both sides.

Demos and free trials are a great opportunity for you to really feel out new systems. Use the opportunity to push the system and be critical in your evaluations to make sure that the system truly fits your needs before you commit.

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