How Long Does ATS Implementation Take?

Since time is money, you can speed up and smooth out your ATS software implementation by doing the following.

How Long Does ATS Implementation Take?

Good news, most applicant tracking system (ATS) software solutions can be implemented in one day! While this sounds fantastic, there is unfortunately much more to the equation than installing the software and bringing it to go live.

Configuration, testing, training, and corrections can all make implementations drag out for a few weeks or even a few months. Since time is money, you can speed up and smooth out your ATS software implementation by doing the following.

Talk to the Vendor

If you have a time frame in mind for implementation, talk to the ATS Software . If the timeframe is realistic, the vendor may tell you what you need to do on your end to help meet that timeframe. If the timeframe seems unrealistic to the vendor, they may help you adjust your expectations so that you can plan accordingly.

Simplify Your Hiring Process

If your hiring process is messy and complicated, it will have to be altered before you can transition tasks and information to the new software. Take the time to address those hiring tasks that must be changed before you start implementation in order to save time and frustration. If it’s not possible to make all of the changes ahead of time, figure in the extra time and labor that must be put towards the task so that you don’t go over schedule or budget.

Select Your Implementation Team

Whether your IT department is completing implementation or the vendor is lending an expert or two, you will still want to select an implementation team. These top choices from the different departments in your company will act as ambassadors of the software, coaches for your other employees, and knowledgeable experts that can answer questions about your company that the vendor may ask.

Be picky when selecting your implementation team. Make sure that you select people that will be optimistic about the project and flexible enough to solve problems that may come up. Having a team prepared and ready to go when implementation begins may shave days or even weeks off the project.

Be Specific In Your Instructions

Configuration can bring your ATS software to another level, drawing top talent and putting your own unique traits on your careers pages. Whether the vendor will be assisting with configuration or your IT department will be handling it, being specific will help those spearheading the project to actualize your vision for it. If you want a blue background or a drop down list, let them know so that time isn’t wasted later making these changes.

Implementations can take anywhere from two to twelve weeks, even more if there are unexpected hurdles to overcome. The better you are prepared before implementation begins, the more likely that implementation will go smoothly. Taking the time to clean up your processes and work with your team even while you’re still looking for software can save you time down the road.

Selecting the right vendor can also save time, as your processes will better translate. We can help you select the best Software for your business, saving you research time and potentially implementation time.

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