What Does an ATS Software Engineer Do?

Simply put, an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software engineer develops recruitment software. Learn more here.

What Does an ATS Software Engineer Do?

Simply put, an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software engineer develops recruitment software. If needed, an ATS software engineer will also make changes to existing software or assist with maintaining software. ATS software engineers play a large role in the future of recruitment.

Applying Engineering Principals to ATS software Development

ATS software engineers apply engineering principals to software development, but those same principals can be used to solve many different types of problems and to design many different types of products. Some engineering principals that are commonly applied include testability, maintainability, integrity, ethics, and external integration. Applying these principals throughout the design and development phases helps to ensure that the ATS software will be high quality.

ATS Engineer Daily Tasks and Responsibilities

Daily tasks and responsibilities for an ATS software engineer may vary depending on the product phase and the company. ATS software engineers may be responsible for improving and altering existing recruitment software, correcting faults, developing brand new software products, creating scalable solutions for customers, and writing tests for software products.

Work Environment for Software Engineers

Software engineers generally work in a comfortable environment at a desk, with adequate lighting and temperature control. However, the nature of the job may call for ATS software engineers to sometimes travel in order to better assess customer needs or issues. The job may also call for long hours or may put stress on engineers to complete work within a tight timeframe.

Qualification Requirements

ATS software engineers generally must have a bachelor’s degree in information technology or software engineering. Companies may require several years of experience in software development or programming, a human resources background is also a benefit. Depending on the company, experience with and an understanding of specific programming languages and systems may be required.

Expected Salary for Position

Software engineer salaries may range from about $65,000 to $150,000. ATS software is constantly changing, so there is a market for experienced ATS software engineers and the demand for this position isn’t expected to slow. Companies may become competitive when it comes to obtaining a qualified ATS software engineer, offering benefits and perks to attract top talent in this field.

Is ATS Software Engineering Right for You?

Ideally, ATS software engineers have a passion for creating solutions that will help companies to attract and keep top talent, while simultaneously creating a great recruitment experience for candidates. Those looking to get into the field should also be detail oriented and interested in writing code. Adaptability and a positive attitude are necessary, as engineers may be called upon to work long hours or to fix glitches at a moment’s notice.

The recruitment field wouldn’t be the same without ATS software engineers. Thanks to these talented individuals, companies are filling positions faster and people are finding more fulfilling careers. Becoming an ATS software engineer isn’t the right path for everyone, but those that decide to get into this field are creating a brighter future for HR and for the working world at large.

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