8 Pain Points of ATS Software (and How Matchr Offers Pain Relief)

When working with an ATS, it's essential to have robust, high-quality features to support your recruitment goals. Learn about common ATS pain points here.

ATS software pain points

It’s no secret that applicant tracking systems (ATS) have had their issues in the past. But just because that’s how it’s been doesn’t mean that’s how it always has to be. If you’ve experienced ATS software pain points that led to HR challenges, don’t despair. ATS software continually upgrades to fix pain points and become more integral in your HR operations. 

HR software challenges resulting from underperforming ATS software don’t have to happen on your watch. Keep reading to learn more about these problems and how Matchr can help you solve them.

Human Resource Challenges in a Nutshell

HR has a lot of responsibilities, one of the main ones being to find top-tier candidates to fill open positions. ATS software can help with this role. An ATS is supposed to help you find more (qualified) applicants, stay up-to-date on the recruitment process, and give you time back in your workday — but that isn’t always the case. When you work with the best ATS software, the hiring and recruiting process should be effortless, organized, and easy to stay on top of. Here are eight of the top ATS software pain points (and how to deal with them).

  1. Lack of recruiting metrics: If your company is growing rapidly, you need to have a way to record the process to keep track of what works and what doesn’t. Aim higher if your current ATS system doesn’t give you enough information, and find a more robust software to meet your needs more fully. 
  2. Rigid or limited dashboards & reporting: You need a way to track where applicants are in the recruitment process. If your software doesn’t have reporting systems in place, or if your software has dashboard information that is challenging to decipher and use, it’s not doing its job. 
  • Lack of integrations: Integrated software systems and technology will help bridge the gap between supporting software technology and your company. Unfortunately, this can be a lacking feature in subpar ATS software systems.
  • Lack of automation (emails): The purpose of automated systems is to help your HR team save time. A lack of automation means your HR department is spending their workday on tasks they shouldn’t have to be doing. Automation should be at the top of your list for ATS systems.
  • Lack of easy-to-integrate templates: You want your ATS software to be functional and easy to use. The software should always work for you — not the other way around. If your current ATS doesn’t give you accessible and easy-to-integrate templates, it could be a time-waster that poses more problems than solutions.
  • No-cost transparency (or additional post-implementation fees): Some ATS systems won’t offer transparent or upfront prices. Over time, these hidden fees will add up, making a seemingly good deal sound less than ideal.
  • Lack of accessibility: Your ATS software is only valuable if it provides complete accessibility. While most ATS software is readily available on computers and laptop operating systems, most often, mobile accessibility is lacking. As you search for the right software for your needs, find something that has accessibility options that give you greater freedom on the go.
  • Poor job-posting capabilities: Whatever software you use, you want to reach the widest (and most qualified) audience. The higher quality software you decide to work with, the larger your candidate pools will be.

HR Software Issues Can All Be Resolved

Don’t worry; the list above is not meant to be a doomsday list. New ATS software is designed to be more capable and efficient than ever before. The software is engineered to combat pain points with those flaws in mind. If you want to learn more about how finding the right ATS software can help resolve HR software issues for your company, reach out to Matchr. We specialize in bringing our clients the best HR software and solutions. Get an ATS software assessment to find out where to go next.

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