7 Essential Questions to Ask During an ATS Demo

When demoing an ATS, it's important to understand how it will fit into your organization. Discover essential questions to ask during an ATS demo here.

ATS software demo

Your application tracking system (ATS) should relieve you of hiring pain points. But not all ATS software is created the same. As you search for the proper ATS for your business, make sure you understand your options. Research features, explore customizable possibilities, and ask questions. 

If you’re unsure what the right questions are, we’ve got you covered. As you look at the different ATS choices before you, ask for an ATS demo. And make sure you’re ready with the right questions to ask during a software demo. The following questions will get you started in the right direction. Read on to learn more about seven essential software demo survey questions.

Know Before You Try: Questions to Ask During a Software Demo

Before buying your ATS software, there are two categories of questions to ask before and during a software demo. Your before questions are going to be more “big picture.” Will ATS make your job easier? What HR pain points do you want the software to address? Are there specific features you want your ATS to have to make your internal processes more efficient? 

However, most of your questions will be during your requested ATS demo. The following is a list of questions for a software demo to keep in mind.

1. How Is the Price Calculated for the System?

An essential step in browsing ATS software is understanding what you’re paying for. To learn more about this, you’ll need to ask how the system is priced. There are many different pricing models available. Commonly, ATS will be priced by the following methods:

  • Cost per feature
  • Cost per hire
  • Cost per employee
  • Cost per user
  • Cost per job opening
  • Cost per recruiter

You also need to ask about hidden costs that could pop up, like support fees. Contract length can vary from month to month. 

Once you’ve determined what features you need in your ATS and how long a contract you need, you can look for software that meets those requirements while fitting into your budget.

2. What Automations Come With the ATS?

An ATS with automation should improve productivity and performance. Look for software that automates routine tasks so you can save time. With reports generated or emails being sent automatically, you’ll have more time to devote to other aspects of your business. Don’t settle for doing things manually when competent automation is available.

3. What Are Custom Reports Available?

It’s essential to get a good idea of what your software is capable of. Be sure to ask if customizations are available for reporting. This should include customizations for job postings. No two businesses operate the same, meaning you might want to generate different reports to work off of as you move your business forward. Think about your organization’s needs and find software that will work.

4. What Are CRM Integrations Available?

If candidate (or customer) relationship management (CRM) software is available, you need to be aware of it and what it can do. CRM can help with everything from automated email marketing to hosting recruiting events. This can streamline and automate HR tasks and get relevant feedback. It also allows you to build your talent pool.

5. Is Your ATS Software Mobile-Friendly?

You need to know how your software works on cell phones and tablets in today’s society. Be sure to ask about mobile-friendly functions during your demo. If possible, see how it performs for yourself. This is something to audit regularly, as you’ll want an ATS that is optimized to be mobile-friendly. Don’t settle for basic functionality on mobile devices when better software is available.

6. Are Expansion Capabilities Available?

As your business grows, you’ll want a software system that can keep up. Most systems are designed to work well for companies with many employees or recruits. As your organization grows and meets new metrics, you’ll want an ATS that grows with you. Whether you wish to increase employee numbers or reach new areas geographically, find out if expansion capabilities are available that meet this criterion.

7. What Success Stories Have You Seen With Your Support Team?

You need to have the right amount of support and training to succeed. Ask about success stories to get an idea about the level of support you’ll receive with your chosen software. By asking this simple question, you will better understand the environment you are signing up to be a part of. With a supportive environment and the necessary training in place, you’ll be well to achieve your goals.

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